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Branch Orientation Essay

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Within the Army there are soldiers who are either enlisted (non-commissioned) or of Officer (commissioned) status. In order to become an officer in the military, one must complete one of four paths, consisting of completing the Army ROTC course, OCS (officer candidate school), the United States Military Academy, or by direct commission. Once an officer, you would hold a position within either a combat arms or combat support branch. The combat arms branches include Air Defense Artillery, Armor, Aviation, Field Artillery, Infantry, Special Forces, as well as several others. Each branch has a corresponding support branch that also includes Military Intelligence, Military Police, Signal, ...view middle of the document...

Due to this leadership position, an aviation officer must provide aviation coordination and instruct both skills and combat training to various schools and centers.
Field Artillery Officers learn to neutralize all enemies by either cannon, rocket, or missile fire; support by fire. They learn the techniques and procedures for the employment of fire support systems. In order to become an officer within this branch, a person must complete the ASVAB test, pass the Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) I and II, and finally the Field Artillery Officer Basic Course (FAOBC). By taking these courses, an officer will have gained in-depth knowledge for fire support, observed fire, fire direction and platoon leadership skills. To be successful as a Field Artillery Officer, an officer must engage and lead his/her troops with combined armed forces during land combat missions.
To become an Armor Officer, one must first complete the ASVAB, and have taken either the Armor Officer Basic Course (AOBC) or the Scout Leaders Course; in addition, Cavalry Leaders Course. The officer will lead in multiple areas of combat, utilizing tank units such as the M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams Tanks or the cavalry units responsible for reconnaissance missions. One aspect one must entail in this field, similar to others, is the ability to manage and control his/her unit in accordance with other armed forces during land combat.
Infantry officers are aresponsible for leading the infantry in joint armed forces during land combat. The position requires that the ASVAB is completed as well as the BOLC I, II, and III. Unlike the other branches thus far, this Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is unavailable to women. However, those who are qualified for the position will be able to command and control a platoon to a company sized unit to develop doctrine, organizations and equipment for unique infantry operations. As an...

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