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English 51A-Fo1, 9:00Mr. SkaggsFebruary 12, 2014Essay 1Branching Towards SuccessBy the time you're sitting at your high school graduation ceremony, 85% of the people have somewhat idea of whom, or what they want to be in life. Then there was me in the 15% category that was undecided. I graduated high school in June 2012. It was an unrealistic moment for me, When Mr. Sandoval our high school principal announced," Will the graduates please stand." I stood along with my classmates. My legs trembling, and arms felt jittery I held my walking partner's arm. He continued, "As principal of Tranquillity High, I here by congratulate and graduate Tranquillity's Class of 2012!" Within seconds hats filled the sunset sky. Horns began blowing, students screaming of joy, and tears of happiness filled the evening. At the end of that moment I had a news flash, I knew then that nothing would be the same. My high school years were over. It was time to begin a new chapter.I thought I'd spend my summer working at my mother's gift shop. I maintained busy so time was flying by. We were now half way through the month of June, I still found myself with not decision towards my education. I remember being at my moms little shop, organizing the jewelry displays, when my mom walked in and said "Mija, why don't you go to beauty school? You've always loved the fashion world." Her suggestion triggered my mind. I dozed of to a daydream about having amazing hair and awesome nails. Saw an opportunity for a business within that career. I had always had a passion for the latest trends. My dream career had been to be a Fashion Stylist in high fashion run way shows. I saw myself a baby step closer to my dream. I rushed to research the closest beauty schools to home, made phone calls and finally set an appointment to my top choice. The day of the tour and consultation I left butterflies in my tummy. It excited me to go to a school where doing your make up in class was not a crime. It was a Friday morning I remember when my mom and I were visiting the school that who knew soon I'd be attending. It all happened so quickly, I had my mind set for once that it was something I'd like to experience, soon enough I left that day enrolled! My first day of school would be the following Tuesday July 10.The cosmetology career course took about 10 months. I was given an approximate graduating date of April 17. The first day of school I was rather early. I was sitting in the lobby waiting for my instructor, "tap…tap " went my feet at first slowly then as the clocks little hands got closer to 8:00 a.m. little faster "tap-tap-tap tap" I found myself talking in my head, eyes wondering. Then my instructor welcomed us, and asked to follow him. I walked slowly down the salon floor; I had never seen so many mirrors in one room. Our very first day we learned basic client protection, shampoo, blow-dry style and a cut. I must admit my haircuts at first were terrible! Poor mannequin dolls if they could...

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