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Brand Audit Essay

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Consumer knowledge
Since approximately 2009, Peter Schreyer, the Chief designer at Kia, began to show off the new face of the brand. He has been re-branding the image by changing the look of the product line. Since 2010, The Kia Soul made most of the different look that Kia is having nowadays. Through the years this car model has been renewed until the model 2014 that is fully redesigned.
The 2014 Kia Soul ranks 6 out of 41 affordable small cars. The ranking is based on an analysis of published reviewers and test drivers of the Kia Soul. The car is also ranked #5 in hatchbacks and #4 in affordable compact cars. Consumers are impressed with the Soul’s high-quality materials and comfy, ...view middle of the document...

The higher goal of this new model is to enhance the brand image.
2014 Kia Soul Mental Map
• Affordable
• Fun
• Sleek design
• Sporty
• Ample cargo and passenger room
• Lots of standard features
• Improved safety rating
• High technology
• Tepid acceleration
• Poor fuel economy
• Young
• First time buyers
• Energetic
• Medium Class
• FIFA World cup
• Australia Open
• Copa America
• Rafael Nadal
• UEFA Euro
• Archery world cup

Brand Resonance Pyramid

Most commonly recalled by young people, especially first time buyers, people looking for affordable cars. More depth than breadth.
The 2014 Kia Soul is a fun and capable daily driver. Consumers say that the optional 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine could use more power. The Soul’s fuel economy is poor for a hatchback. An upgraded suspension makes for a smooth and stable ride and the steering is competent.
Fun and Sporty image through sports ambassadors. Consumers see a fantastic first car that is affordable, with high-technology features
Even though it is considered to be an affordable car, the 2014 Kia Soul car is high quality, innovative with high technology featured incorporated in the car. The design is ample and sleek.
The brand arises feeling of freedom, youth and social approval. Most consumers are young people that really that their whole life changed after buying this vehicle.
The brand is building consumer’s loyalty. Most primary consumers as is was mentioned above are young people, first car buyers that are starting a new adventure in their lives.
Competitive Analysis
The 2014 Kia Soul has many competitors in the affordable small cars industry. The 3 more important are the 2013 SCION XB 5-Door Wagon 5-Spd MT, the 2013 NISSAN CUBE 1.8 S 6MT and 2013 HONDA FIT 5-Spd MT. These cars have similar design and features and are priced between a range of $13,995 and $18,595 more and less, including destination charges.
2013 SCION XB 5-Door Wagon 5-Spd MT
The Scion xB is a compact car made by Toyota for the United States market and sold under their youth-oriented Scion brand. It is a box-shaped, 5-door compact hatchback that started a trend of cool urban boxy vehicles. The first-generation xB was a lightly modified and rebadged version of the Japanese-market subcompact Toyota bB. It was a small station wagon based on the Toyota Echo/Yaris platform. In 2013, the xB was chosen by as a Top 10 Best Base Model.
Its base price is $16,800, plus a destination charge of $755. It is the most economy fuel car in the category. The car has a higher performance, and includes many similar features, however it is more expensive than the Kia Soul. Nevertheless, Toyota is a very recognized, strong brand that has an image of reliability and durability. Toyota's managerial values and business methods are known collectively as the Toyota Way.
Toyota's marketing efforts in North America have...

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