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Brand Performance Metrics (Bp Ms) Essay

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a) As marketing manager of Brand A, should your company desire more or less customers that follow Timothy's buying behaviour? Describe Timothy's buying behaviour and give reasons to explain your answer.Answer: From the information shown in the panel data showing the buying brands of breakfast cereal in one particular week by a group of customers, we can see that Timothy purchased six times of cereal including two brands with 2 times for brand B and 4 times for brand B during the period time of one particular week. The customer seems to have some purchase preference of brand A when he wants to purchase the product of cereal. According to the "Dirichlet Model", the possibility for a customer to purchase a brand of product is not affected by the other brands that the customer also purchases. As a marketing manager of Allround brand, I hopefully expect the customer to regard Allround as their first brand when they make purchase in the product category which means Allround brand can be more possibly purchased by the customer even if the purchase happens randomly. Since the panel data come from a particular period of time, we notice that Timothy purchase four times of cereal of brand A, from which we can infer that Timothy should be a heavy buyer of brand A. Therefore, the Allround Company will absolutely desire the customers who follow Timothy's the buying behaviour. For according to the "20:80" rule, the 20% of the buyers (heavy buyers) generates 80% of the total profits for a brand in a product category. Though such heavy do not have 100% loyalty for a brand but they generally have a much better brand imagine on the brand. If possible, they will introduce the brand to those potential buyers (i.e. family members, friends or workmates) which helps to extend the brand awareness among the consumers through "word of mouth".b) What does this data tell you about how customers in aggregate buy the brands and the category? (i.e. what do the brand and category metrics like market share, penetration, purchase frequency, SCR say?) What are the managerial implications of these metrics for Allround?Answer:Market Share (%) Penetration (%) Average Purchase Frequency Category Buying Rate SCR 100% LoyaltyAny Brand 100 59 4.7 4.7 100 NilA 45 41 3.0 4.8 63 10B 33 31 2.9 5.1 57 7C 23 24 2.6 5.0 51 7From the statics shown above, we can find that the 100% loyalty for brand A has a bit higher ratio than other competitors'. The high ratio of both market share and penetration illustrate the brand A sells more than other brands do and brand have a larger customer base, which meets the theory of "Double Jeopardy" (McPhee 1963). What's more, the small brand have less customers who buy less than that of big brand. From the chart shown above, we can also find that the 100% loyalty only take up a small portion of a brand's customer base in the cereal market. In another word, most of the customers in the cereal market tend to have a multi-brand consuming customs. From a real life...

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