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White Mischief VodkaAbout Vodka:White Mischief is a brand of vodka and hence it is necessary that we know something about vodka before we proceed any further in this report. Vodka has its origins in Russia, but it is being made in Poland for a long time as well. Vodka can be made from anything that contains starch or sugar including potatoes, corn and grapes.The name Vodka is derived from the Russian phrase "zhiznennia voda", meaning water of life. The word Vodka is an affectionate nickname meaning "little water". Vodka does not have strong flavour or any strong smell. It is considered to be one of the purest spirits, so it is unlikely to give you any hangover. Vodka does not contain any residual flavouring elements to be processed by the digestive system.History of the Beverage industry in India:India does not have not much of a history when it comes to alcoholic beverages. This is mainly because majority of the population were either Hindus or Muslims. However, India can claim credit to at least one alcoholic beverage which is Punch. Punch probably derives its name from the Sanskrit word Pancham. Alcoholic beverages were introduced to Indians to a small extent by the Moghuls and largely by the British when they colonized India.About Shaw-Wallace:Shaw-Wallace and co. is the organization that manufactures and distributes White Mischief Vodka. Shaw-Wallace and co. is constantly creating and unveiling new brands. In spite of this, Shaw-Wallace has never ignored its old and trusted brands.In India, Shaw-Wallace is one of the few liquor companies that sell 11 bottles of alcoholic beverages every second. Even though Shaw-Wallace is firmly entrenched as the leading liquor company in India, with a significant international presence, Shaw-Wallace is constantly adopting new strategies to maintain its stronghold.Due to increasing consumer demand, Shaw-Wallace has re-launched many of its old products such as Antiquity, Royal Challenge, Directors Special (DSP), DSP black and Old Tavern Whisky. White Mischief and London lime Gin have also been given a revamp as regards their strategy and positioning.Internationally, Shaw-Wallace, in association with Kyndal, has unveiled a plethora of new products which are being introduced for the first time in India. These include Findlaters, one of the most popular brands of Scotch in Scotland, Vladivar vodka, Veba, UK's fastest growing ready to drink low strength alcohol beverage among others. Shaw-Wallace has also entered the Wine market and has introduced different categories of wines at low prices keeping in mind the budget conscious Indian consumer. in 1886 in Calcutta (now Kolkatta), Shaw-Wallace has a legacy that is full of the spirit of India for the last 117 years. This company came into existence, when India was in the thick of its freedom struggle. It was an era of change, which was powered by the social, cultural and economic ideologies which would in turn...

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627 words - 3 pages give a value as an exclusive and uniqueness characteristics that make it special. The most important, company should be able to create a point of different in order to compete and stand out with their own identity. (ii) Strategic strength of competing brands (Davidson, 1997) shared about the question should be creating in order to get the information about the other competitor’s brand strategy: (i) The objective of competitors brand who compete together in the same industry and the impact toward company brand. (ii) The aim or goal of each brand. (iii) The internal evaluation such as SWOT analysis. (iv) The each brand’s competitive position.

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3268 words - 13 pages AbstractThe brand value can be evaluated thanks to a survey. This survey shows notably the consumers are aware of the brand and the brand association.This increase in attention can mainly be attributed to the fact that brands positively valued by consumers are of an enormous potential for the companies.The main aim of this research is to deal with the impact and importance of the congruency on the brand equity.The exploration of these effects is

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3336 words - 13 pages (for a review of concepts and methods, see Keller (2003) Chapter 10 and Agarwal and Rao 1996).2.2 MethodsSelf-reports:Overall brand evaluation (also known as attitude toward the brand):What do you think of ___?Unappealing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 AppealingLow quality 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 High qualityUnpleasant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 PleasantPurchase intentions: Likelihood of buying the brand or likelihood of switching from the brand to another brand.I will certainly buy

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1954 words - 8 pages come up with a concrete definition. However, a composite definition byJacoby & Chestnut (1978) sum up the abovementioned ideas as:1) Biased 2) behavioural response 3) expressed overtime 4) by some decision making unit 5) with respect to one or more alternative brands out of a set of suchbrand. 6) Which is a function of psychological process or inertia (decision making, evaluation). This means sticking with a brand without feelings of

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937 words - 4 pages tuna will also form part of the consideration set if there is substantial reminder advertising. Due to a perceived lack of product differentiation in general, the most common form of evaluation criteria are price and promotion where brands may be evaluated favorably on the basis of the best promotion and/or lowest price. Consumers who are brand conscious or loyal will also based brands as their evaluation criteria. (iv)     Purchase Decision

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2387 words - 10 pages EVERYONE. On the other hand, it improves the effectiveness of the current marketing campaign, leverages synergy among each brand, differentiates clearly with its major competitor, HSF, thus generating more prosperous and sustainable income growth in the long run. Along with the evaluation of options, respective financial projections and the action plan for the selected option are also provided in the exhibits for readers' reference.With our selected analysis report

953 words - 4 pages Insight Each member in group forward their assessment of the poster and group consensus reached within each group to grade each poster on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1= poor and 5 = = excellent. Posters receive Best Poster Category Award & Best Poster Award Poster (take a picture with your phone and submit it to Surreylearn under Posters) 2 CR 2X2 hrs each week Brand & Perspectives on Branding and Strategy 'Brand' Terminology & Brand

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1240 words - 5 pages versus the traditional watch makers as well as cheap US and Asian producers. The continuous introduction of new collections, very different from one another (coupled with affordable price) , resulted in many consumers owning plenty of swatch watches. C. Alternative Evaluation Swatch Brand revitalization The message of the Swatch brand is decaying. In the fashion sub-category market segment, Swatch is facing increased competition from

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1568 words - 6 pages Product Brassington (2007) point out that product is not only the physical product, it also include brand, after-sales service, guarantees, installation and fitting which could help product to gain advantage in competitions. Kotler (2007)also point out that product is the goods which is easy for people to be attract, to contract, use and fulfil people’s desire. He also said that the product could be physical products, services, people and

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1693 words - 7 pages Chernatony, Leslie (2001) From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation, Butterworth-Heinemann * Brassington, Frances, Pettitt, Stephen (2000) Principles of Marketing, Prentice Hall * Butterfield, Leslie (1999) Excellence in Advertising, 2nd edition, Butterworth-Heinemann * Nilson, Torsten H (1998) Competitive Branding, John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

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7786 words - 31 pages activation of brand and celebrity provides a path over which one's evaluation of the celebrity has an opportunity to transfer to the brand. The key to the process is the simultaneous activation of the brand and celebrity nodes. Negative information about the celebrity activates the celebrity node, which then activates the brand node to some degree and allows reduced evaluation of the celebrity to transfer to the brand. Studies by Noffsinger

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1334 words - 5 pages White Mischief VodkaAbout Vodka:White Mischief is a brand of vodka and hence it is necessary that we know something about vodka before we proceed any further in this report. Vodka has its origins in Russia, but it is being made in Poland for a long time as well. Vodka can be made from anything that contains starch or sugar including potatoes, corn and grapes.The name Vodka is derived from the Russian phrase "zhiznennia voda", meaning water of

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534 words - 2 pages perceptions analysis (vs. competition)  Summary of competitor analysis  SWOT analysis  Brand equity evaluation  Recommendations Rolex Brand Audit Brand Inventory 1. History 2.Private Ownership 3.Product-Related Attributes 4. Rolex Brand Portfolio 5.Communications, Pricing, and Distribution Brand Exploratory 1.Customer Knowledge 2.Sources of brand equity 3. CBBE 4. Counterfeiting: threat to Equity Recommendations 1. Introduce new design 2.Connect with the female consumer 3.Attack online counterfeit industry 4.Understand younger consumers 5. Communicate long- term value

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6803 words - 27 pages & Company, United States of AmericaBoush, D.M., Loken, B. (1997) A Process-tracing Study of Brand Extension Evaluation. In: Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. XXVIII (February), 16-28Business Week, Global brand scoreboard (2003) Retrieved 2005-03-14, from, S. (1997) McDonald's Ponders the Future of Arch Deluxe. In: Meat Industry Insights News Service, August 20, 1997. Northport, New