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Brand Extension Marketing Plan Essay

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Brand Extension Marketing PlanBEMPIntroductionUse this document as your guide to success. Before you submit your weekly assignments for grading, remove any of the words you see here appearing in any other color than black. Words included in colors are meant to assist you in your completion of the assignment, not to be turned in for grading. All Brand Extension Marketing Plan documents should use 1" margins, 12 pt. font, and include a cover page and a reference page.The following is important and unique to this Brand Extension Marketing Plan assignment:For the Brand Extension Marketing Plan assignments in this class we will not use the usual APA rules which require in-text citations as 1) no marketing plan ever uses direct quoting within its contents, 2) we are making an exception due to the nature of a Marketing plan assignment. 3) Additionally, we will not use double-spacing but instead we will use this document's formatting. Be sure to delete any words in color prior to submitting your Brand Extension Marketing Plan sections for grading.It is important that you write your Brand Extension Marketing Plan in third person (there is no "I" in a marketing plan), using your own words, and/or paraphrasing instead of direct quoting. Once deposited into the Drop box for grading, Brand Extension Marketing Plan assignments are submitted to Turnitin for a potential plagiarism review, so it continues to be important for you never to use anyone else's words verbatim.For each of the Brand Extension Marketing Plan assignments, you should list, on the reference page, all of the references you used when preparing your plan. Again, you do not need to include the in-text parentheses noting references and timeframes as normally required in our APA assignments, but you do need to use APA to format your references list. If you have any questions on this exception to using APA, let me know.Brand Extension Marketing Plan assignments are included below. Words appearing in black font need to remain in your own plan; any other words appearing in a color font are intended to help you complete each section. Be sure to delete any words in color prior to submitting your Marketing Plan sections for grading each Unit.To assist in your preparation, relevant associated page numbers in our textbook are included in this document as reference for each section.All the components of the Marketing Plan are assessed using the following:Subject Mastery Rubric: Knowledge (Can define major ideas) or Comprehension (Can discuss major ideas) or Application (Can apply major concepts to new situations).A MARKETING PLAN IS THE FOUNDATION FOR ALL MARKETING EFFORTSBeginning your Brand Extension Marketing Plan: The Product ProposalThe major project in this course is to complete a Brand Extension Marketing Plan for one new product on the behalf of an existing for-profit organization.As we begin our project, you need to first assume you have the...

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