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Brassington (2007) point out that product is not only the physical product, it also include brand, after-sales service, guarantees, installation and fitting which could help product to gain advantage in competitions. Kotler (2007)also point out that product is the goods which is easy for people to be attract, to contract, use and fulfil people’s desire. He also said that the product could be physical products, services, people and organizations.

Product range
A company could provide a single kind of product or various kinds of products to their client. Company provides a series product to customer to meet the needs of consumer. This group of products called a product range. Brassington(2007)state that the product range including product mix, product length and product line depth. Jobber(2003) announced that a reasonable product range could help company to gain more revenues.

Brand is an image, symbol, sign or some of these, which used to create a clearly view to the product and let consumer recognize the product and discriminate it from other competitor. Jobber(2003) announced that brand could be seen as the product’s quality guarantee, a product with good brand image will have more possibility be chosen when the customer had difficult on their choice. Brassington (2007)stated that brand was a key part of the tangible product, especially in the customer market. The brand represents the one product line or a single product of the company. It also can enhance the images in people’s view and ensure the product not be forgotten by customer.

The process of creating brand called branding. As one part of product strategy, branding also has several kinds of strategies which is used in many occasions. Jobber(2003) stated that the brand strategies including the using family brand, individual brand, combination brand, brand extension brassington (2007)also stated the branding could bring some benefit to both consumer, manufacturer and retailer. On consumer side, a branded product is easy for them to recognize. During they purchase the product, buying a branded product will be less risk than purchasing an unbranded product. branding also can help manufacturer to differentiated with other similar product in the market, and easy to build the loyalty to the company’s product. to the retailer, a branded product sometimes could catch more attention of customer.

Brand extension
There is a big debate for the brand extension. Some experts think the extension of brand will be helped company to promote the new product with an existing brand name, but others do not agree this, Jobber (2003) announced that there are both advantage and disadvantage in operating this strategy.
A new product come into market will faced a lot of difficult such like poor awareness, little acceptable by customer and risk of purchasing. Jobber (2003) stated that brand extension is using a existing brand name on a new product to promote in the market....

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