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Brand Image Failed For Euro Disney

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Impact of culture on marketing strategies can be is explained by taking an example of Disneyland, launched Euro Disney and maintained its standard tried and tested formula with the assumption that customers would seek the authentic Disney experience. But shortly into the launch, Euro Disney was declared a failure. Of the many reasons that were attributed to Euro Disney’s failure, the one that stood out clearly was Euro Disney’s lack of localizing the brand experience. Euro Disney followed the brand policies to the word – English-only instructions, no wine consumption on park grounds, high ticket prices, and standardized merchandise and food items. This resulted in wide spread dissatisfaction among the customers. But Euro Disney was just following the golden rule of branding – consistency in its brand elements.
These examples illustrate the consequences of culture on brands. In all the three examples, the brands were global brands with operations in multiple markets. Nokia and McDonald recognized the different customer needs and adopted the brand to the preferences of customers. Disney on the other hand followed the classic branding rule of maintaining consistency across markets. As can be seen from these examples, cultural differences mandate that brands be sensitive to different cultural facets. Further, these cases offer some very important points that should be fully appreciated by any brand manager that aspires to be successful in cross cultural settings.
1. Impact of culture on Branding: Success or failure of a brand up to some extent can be explained by the cultural difference which a company faces during its operation in a country or place where the culture of the place differs from the standardized culture of an organizations. As brands enter different cultures, it becomes imperative for them to carefully tread the standardization-customization continuum...

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