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Taking a brand from the mobile phone manufacturing industry, in this case Nokia can be used. The brand is categorized in awareness sets. In the awareness set it falls under the category of the processed sets. Further, in the processed set the Nokia accessories are sub grouped into the evoked position. They are brands that the users can purchase as alternatives (Brisoux & Cheron, n.d). The purchaser will make a decision on whether to purchase the product after perceiving a need for the product. The purchaser will then seek information that pertains to the products of interest; in addition, the purchaser will consider the alternative for the product before finally deciding to buy it. Soon after purchasing the purchaser will compare the expectations and the satisfaction level of the product, which would determine their next purchase (“Consumer behavior”, n.d). Effectively advertising of the brand through the media sources and organization of events to show how the products work is the best way of creating brand equity and in that effect will promote customer satisfaction (“Brand equity and positioning”, n.d).
Speaking of the Nivea Company, the company’s brand portfolio is a branded house. All the Nivea products are of the same brand. The company offers a full scope of qualities and imagery to make its products needed and desired by the potential customers. The Nivea brand hierarchy is made up of the Nivea skin care, personal care and face care/cosmetics. The company should increase the brand hierarchy level so as to attract more customers.
Samsung is one of the brands that are marketed in more than one country. Such companies use the standardized method of marketing since they maintain their initial brand name in all the different countries they market. Thus, all the products Samsung develops will eventually be presented in every country where the company products can be purchased. This is opposed to the customization in which they would be forced to rename their brand to suit the local market (Vogt, n.d). Though, one feature of customization could be implemented by a company with the standardized marketing strategy; such companies, especially the ones specializing in electronics, tend to develop cheaper product lines intended for developing countries.
According to Jaworski & Kohli (1993), market orientation is defined as a system of organizational culture in which personnel is dedicated to unremittingly creating greater customer value, or as a categorization of marketing undertakings that lead to better depiction. To contribute to the integration and better market orientation of my company I would offer conducting a market research. It would be used to determine the kinds of products most needed or preferred by our target market. Basing on its findings, the company would decide what new products to introduce to its lines or how to improve the ones being offered. Such steps would help the company gain more popularity among the...

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