Brand Management: Aero Asia Airline Service (Pakistan)

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TABLE OF CONTENTS*EXECUTIVE SUMMARY*THE TABANI GROUP*HISTORY OF THE TABANI GROUP*INTRODUCTION TO AERO ASIA*GENERAL SALES AGREEMENT*AIR CHARTER AND CARGO SERVICES*AIRLINE OPERATIONS*ABOUT THE FLEET*AERO ASIA ORGANOGRAM*MISSION STATEMENT*GOALS*OBJECTIVES*MARKET SEGMENTATION*POSITIONING*MARKET CONCENTRATION*FUTURE PLAN*COMPETITORS*MARKETING MIX*PRICE PERCEPTION*BRAND NAME*BRAND IMAGE*URLS*SLOGANS*SWOT ANALYSIS*STAGE IN LIFE CYCLE*RECOMMENDATION*TEACHERS COMMENT*APPENDIXEXECUTIVE SUMMARYAERO-ASIA is the subsidiary of Tabani Group, a group having diversified business activities and performing very successfully. The services evaluation has revealed that the business is price-elastic and operating in an oligopolistic environment.Aero Asia also has increasing returns to scale, over the past five years (except for the year of 1997).The cost structure of the company showed that 30% to 35% of the portion is fixed cost and 65% to 70% is variable cost.Further, the company's fortune plan is to expand its international operations to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Middle East countries.THE TABANI GROUPINTEGRITY ~ SINCERITY ~ DEDICATIONBoard of Directors:Mr. Mohammad Yaqub TabaniCHAIRMANMr. Mohammad Azam Tabani VICE CHAIRMANMr. Abdul Rauf TabaniMANAGING DIRECTORMr. Adnan E. TabaniEXECUTIVE DIRECTORMr. Imran E. TabaniDIRECTORMr. Umair E. TabaniDIRECTORMrs. Yasmeen Yaqub TabaniDIRECTORHISTORY OF THE TABANI GROUPThe Tabani Group dates back to 1885, where it made its humble beginning under the name and style of Messrs. H. A. Ganny Brothers in Rangoon, Burma. At that time H. A. Ganny Brothers was led by the present Chairman's grandfather, who established distinct trade links with Japan and European countries thereby creating a time honored a reputation which is diligently cherished and upheld today by the present members of the Tabani family.This innovative way of doing business can well be substantiated from the fact that the firm H. A. Ganny Brothers of Rangoon was the first native firm to be registered as an "importer" in British Burma, a singular honor indeed when import was restricted to whites only,The firm was moved to then East Pakistan after creation of Pakistan where it expanded its future trading activities. The firm was moved to West Pakistan from the former east wing in 1971.Since the last two and half decades, the 3rd generation of Tabani family has taken charge of the Group under the ambitious leadership of (late) Chairman Mr. Ebrahim Tabani, supported by his four younger brothers. All of them have worked extremely hard to set-up a strong manufacturing base in Textile and Leather Garment Products that are name brands and are now marketed in many countries of the world.Presently the group has offices and representation in Dubai, London, Canada, Hong Kong, Moscow, Tashkent, Almaty, Dushambe, Ashgabad and Odessa. All offices are equipped with the most sophisticated communication facilities and are staffed by multilingual personnel and business experts.The...

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