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Brand Management / Cult Branding Essay

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An introductionToday in the era of modern marketing we must recognize, that brands don't have to belong to marketers anymore. Brands belong to customers. The customer's embrace is the only vote that counts, yet it is constantly ignored by strategies that place our products and services as the "goal" rather than the means to satisfy our customer's needs, wishes, and fantasies. As many companies nowadays understand the necessity of building a high level emotional relationship with target audience, we believe that Cult Branding becomes popular method of achieving this aim. Once your brand becomes a cult, there is no way to compete with it in particular field of interests; cult brand will gain the pedestal of profitability as it meets customer needs in not only rational, but on physiological level.The author of "Culting of Brands", Douglas Atkin has researched the parallels between religious cults and cult brands. As part of his research he talked to brand addicts, including Harley Davidson riders and Apple followers. He distils the marketing strategies behind the making of cult brands. Basically, the author gives a positive meaning of cult: "Healthy societies need cults. Cults are the spores of change in a society. Every major religion in the world was a cult at one time. Christianity was simply one of many mystery cults in the eastern Mediterranean 2,000 years ago. The early Christians, like the Mormons and like many other classic cults, were persecuted and castigated for being too different from the established norms of society, yet it ended up becoming the norm of society. Cults are part of the renewal of culture in society".As the result, he found out that people become addicted to cult brands like JetBlue, Apple or eBay for more or less the same reasons that people become committed to cults like Hare Krishna. "The brand consumer is looking to brands to give a sense of fulfillment that society and religions used to offer…", said Douglas Atkin in the interview for the "Frontline". After close consideration of Mr. Atkins approach, we defined the objectives of our projects as to find an answer to the question of how to make a brand a belief to follow and give customer a sense of fulfillment.In the first chapter we define a term of "Cult branding" by close look insight it nature and successful examples of magnetic brands. Also this part includes the example of how benign cult brands can become destructive ones, which is a very critical moment to consider regarding negative side of cults. The second chapter is conducted to identify the best methods of reaching the pedestal of benign cult. There are methods and rules to follow. In the third part we put the example of Land Rover brand, as this company is now on its way to build cult brand and the knowledge of the methods it uses can be very beneficial in terms of deep practical research.Chapter 1.Defining CultCult typically refers to a cohesive social group devoted to beliefs or practices that...

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