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Brand Management Of Ritz Carlton Hotel

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ContentIntroduction Pg. 2Importance of service brandBackground information of The Ritz-Carlton HotelReasons for choosing The Ritz-CarltonObjectives Pg. 3Conceptual background Pg.3Brand's central ideaBrand charteringMethodology Pg. 4Result and DiscussionBrand's central idea Pg. 4- 10Brand chartering Pg. 10- 15Recommendation Pg. 15- 16Conclusion Pg. 16Reference Pg. 17AppendixRewards Pg. 18Brand chartering thoughtpad Pg. 18Interview questions Pg. 19- 20Core product and supplementary services Pg. 20- 23Types of information stored in CLASS database Pg. 23Needs and sources of market resources Pg. 24Service quality indicators defects Pg. 25Internal customers' satisfaction data Pg. 25Percentage of turnover rate Pg. 26Gold Standards Pg. 27Business Excellence Roadmap Pg. 28- 29The basic empowerment process Pg. 30I. IntroductionImportance of service brandA brand is an important corporate asset which is the main tool for marketers to distinguish their services from competitors. Brand management is essential because technology and service formulation will be copied by keen competitor quickly while only brand personalities cannot. Also, successful brand is valuable because it can create a stream of future earnings.Background information of The Ritz-Carlton HotelThe Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, was established in 1993. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Ritz-Carlton Company, L.L.C. in U.S.A., which manages 36 luxury hotels in different countries. The Ritz-Carlton, HK, which strategically located in the heart of the financial district of Central, is a small hotel with only 216 guestrooms and 320 employees. It is one of the five world-class hotels in the world and won lots of awards (Appendix 1). The hotel is designed to suit the requirements of its principal customers: (1) meeting Event Planners (2) Independent Business and Leisure Travelers.Reasons for choosing The Ritz-CarltonAs Ritz-Carlton is well known around the world, its strong hotel brand is valuable to study in the aspect of brand management. Moreover, it has already established numbers of hotels and resorts globally; it would be a difficult job to manage the brand consistently in different countries. This allows us to investigate what measures Ritz-Carlton has carried out to deal with them.II. ObjectivesIn this project, we would like to examine how the Ritz-Carlton manages its brand through product, environment, communication and staff behavior. Also, we will evaluate its performance in managing brand by using the theory of brand chartering.III. Conceptual Backgroundi. Manifestation of Brand's Central Idea (after Wolff Olins 1995)This is a model shows that a brand's central idea is manifested through four media: product, environment, communication and staff behavior. In the following part, we will show how Ritz-Carlton manages its brand through these four elements.Fig.1 Manifestation of Brand's Central Ideaii. Brand chartering (Macrae, Mitchell 1996, Rubinstein 1995)It is a framework for thinking...

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