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A contact point can be defined as any method by way of which a customer interacts with the company – it can be through the internet, phone, direct person to person or even through kiosks. A customer would always prefer airlines which offer excellent security, lowest possible costs, outstanding service and other such benefits like free access to a WIFI router. Nevertheless, price is one of the most important determining factors for customers when selecting airlines – others can be termed as added benefits or a part and parcel of the services being offered (Johnson, 2008).
Three of the most crucial contact point failures which have been identified in the assignment are as follows:
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• Another area where improvements can be made is the WIFI service. The service should be free onboard, whereas airlines usually seem to charge individually for the service. Passengers love their portable electronic devices and people love to stay connected. Airlines can create a better experience for people by not charging for the WIFI. The airline can give a minimal price increase to the food for purchase to cover the cost of the free WIFI services. People that are hungry are willing to pay a little more for food on the airplane than they normally would. The customers will benefit from the experience because its free, it’s entertaining, and it gives them the ability to complete task that need to done as they travel (Barlow, 2011).
The statement that helps position the brand around the new or improved services should be geared towards the onboard and contact source experience (Barlow, 2011). For example: ‘At our Airlines, it should never be a “just get me there flight.” It should be an experience for you to enjoy and celebrate. The airline wants you to feel as if you are a welcomed guest in our home. We have the most effective and efficient staff, ready to fulfil all...

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