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New Printer Testing: Reducing Time And Cost Through Innovation

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The mission of the St. Luke’s Information Technology Department is to deliver our services to the end user and their departments in the most efficient and financially responsible manner without sacrificing reliability.
Currently we offer print services to our end users with high reliability while sacrificing our efficiency and financial responsibilities by testing new printers without a defined process and proper tools. Not having a defined process and the proper tools to test new printers has caused severe delays of two to four months, hindering the I.T. Departments ability to deliver new printer models to the departments and end users with efficiency and financial responsibility.
The purpose of this report is to present a couple of options for tools to be used to test new printers, in a more efficient manner that will allow for a defined process while permitting the I.T Department to align with our mission.

Research Plan and Methodology

In an effort to analyze the current situation a plan was developed. Once the plan was set into motion additional suggestions were made that resulted in the following plan.
1. Meet with Reggie Gibson the End User Device Manager to discuss how we could overcome the current roadblocks or develop a new process and ask for approval to continue with the project.

2. Meet with Ron Lee our print services coordinator to discuss our current process, why printer testing is required, and to see if this effort aligns with his vision.

3. Meet with Boise Office Equipment to understand how they perform their validation testing for all of their systems.

4. Perform internet research to find some possible tools to utilize that will aid in testing printers with a greater focus on efficiency and financial responsibility.

5. Meet with the service team subject matter experts to discuss their role in testing and devise a method for a more rapid response to testing requests.
During my meeting with Reggie I asked for permission to work on a solution that would streamline our current printer testing while eliminating the time it takes me and other teams. Reggie approved my continuation of the project, suggested that “we design a new process, and meet with Ron Lee to verify this will align with his vision.” (Gibson)
During my meeting with Ron Lee he agreed with Reggie that I was the appropriate person to pursue the research and to devise a new process. Ron verified that this aligns with his vision to move our current enterprise printing to a document management system and will aid in alleviating some of the pressure he was getting from his supervisor to streamline all of the printing processes including printer testing. (Lee) Ron and I discussed how to define printer testing for the St. Luke’s environment. We defined printer testing as “The process of verifying full functionality of all current server side printing against the specific driver for all new printer...

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