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Plantronics Bluetooth Lanyard

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This Marketing Plan will supply an overview of the proposed Plantronics Bluetooth Lanyard. Several states have enforced laws banning usage of the cellular phone while driving, unless the driver can be hands-free, and concentrate on driving. Bluetooth or hands-free headsets are the answer to be compliant to such state and local hands-free laws. Due to the increased sales of Bluetooth devices, consumers developed a need for safe storage of these devices when not in use.

The Lanyard is the perfect accessory to satisfy the needs of those consumers while supporting state and local laws in preventing accidents and other negative mishaps on the road. With today's fast paced technology, consumers are looking to find devices that are conducive to their needs, even if not realized yet. Because the Plantronics Company is a established leader of wireless hands-free devices, it is only fitting the company addresses consumer storage issues for the Bluetooth devices.

Organizational Overview

The Plantronics Company started with an idea of communicating in a new way and began making headsets for NASA. The first Plantronics head was worn in outer space in 1962 but most will remember in 1969 when the Lunar Module Eagle 1 landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong uttered those famous words through his Plantronics headset.

Plantronics established themselves as the leading aviation headset designer, manufacture, and marketer of lightweight communication headsets and after a 46-year history, continues to find new markets to pioneer. Plantronics drive is an unending quest for innovation and has positioned themselves as leaders in today's wireless era (Plantronics Editors, 2009).

Proposed Lanyard Model for Bluetooth Headset

With hands-free driving laws going into effect across the United States, wireless headset (Bluetooth) sales have increased for Plantronics. Bluetooth technology is an excellent option to consider in states, which require hands-free operation of cellular phones. Currently, six states have adopted the hands free legislation for those over the age of 23, and 21 states have enforced hands free laws for those less than 23 years of age.

Many people who have the Bluetooth devices do not like sporting the cyborg look of wearing the headset when not in use. To put this device in a pocket or purse would inevitably damage the device and is not very accessible should one want to connect quickly to a call via the headset. The proposed product plan is to use an existing product (lanyard) to carry all models of Bluetooth devices easily and safely. The thin string on the bottom of the lanyard (Figure 1) is made into a slipknot that fits around the unit, with the earpiece as the secure point. Figure 2 is another example of how an earpiece may look attached to a lanyard.

Due to the latest...

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