New Right Perspectives! Essay

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New Right Perspectives

¡´Murray sees the Nuclear family as superior to other family structures because he believes that the socialization and role models required to develop these attitudes are often lacking in female headed, low income families.
¡´The points the cartoon in item B is making is that the mother is married to the state, she is dependant on state benefits.
¡´Item C questions the idea that the welfare dependency has led to the breakdown of the family because the father has abandoned the mother with the child.

(Karl Marx 1818-83)
¡´ Believed there was only two classes in society;
1)Working class/proletariat- Don't own the means of production they work for the middle class-exploited by the middle class, work long hours for low wages, false class consciousness they believe they are born working class and that's their role for the whole of their life, they don't question their class position.
Working class norms and values are passed on to their children.
Men are fed, clothed and looked after by the wife so he can go and make money for the working class. Children are future workers for middle class.
2)Middle class/Bourgeoisie/capitalist; They own the property, have the money, they are in control, exploit the working class to increase their own wealth, believe they have more power and wealth than the working class and it is their right.
Their values passed on to their children and wealth property etc. Can pay for good education, Children expect to become future ruling class.

Marxism and the family.
Marx sees the family as one of a number of institutions which serves to maintain to the position of the ruling class.
Capitalism is a system of production in which the economic institutions, e.g. banks and factories are privately owned.
The subject/working class are the workers-produce goods and services and are paid for their labour.
The ruling class are seen to exploit the subject class they gain at the workers expense since their profits come from the workers labour.

Marxist argues that the capitalist economy i9s reinforced by saying that the economic system will produce a certain type of family institutions such as the family, the education system and the political system are shaped by the requirements of capitalism and serve to support and maintain it.
Marxist believe that the middle class ensure the property is kept within the family by the middle class can pass on their property to only a legitimate child. When a woman marries her husband all her possessions are passed onto her husband, if the man has one wife then there is no question over the next heir.
Marxist believes the family helps to maintain capitalism by reproducing labour power-reproducing future generations of workers, Consuming products of capitalism, providing emotional support for workers and socializing children to accept the inequalities of capitalist society.

Two classes in conflict, conflict in interest, don't work...

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