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New Year New Me Essay

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I’ve always been a big dreamer, so making a New Years resolution is a little challenging for me. I know that it’s better to make a SMART goal, (specific, measurable, attainable, reachable, and timely), but it’s challenging for me to find a realistic goal to follow in a year. I like to accomplish little goals, so using my past knowledge, (and a little bit of brain power), I came up with a SMART New Years resolution.
I want to be a singer/songwriting-actress when I’m older, and I have been in many productions and singing competitions as a kid; this has shaped me as a person. I have worked with other people in productions, and have performed on stage. I think that if I hadn’t participated in these performances, I would probably be a little more shy. I am actually really used to being in front of people, and I’m not usually shy (when you come up and talk to me). Being in front of people just comes naturally to me, and I’m really comfortable with being in front of people and presenting in front of people. Performing when I was younger has helped my confidence grow, so it makes me feel comfortable talking to people and making friends as well as present in school.
I think I need to get a lot better at telling people, “No.”. I was born a people-pleaser, so I tend to subconsciously do whatever I can to make people feel better. If someone asks for my help on something, my default answer is, “Sure, what can I do?” and I tend to take on more than I can handle. I need to get better at doing things because I want to, not because someone else wants me to. I also should try to not be as shy. I come across as shy around people that I don’t generally talk to. I’m not actually shy at all, I just know when to keep my mouth shut in certain situations.
It’s helpful to know what you have been doing and what you need to improve on - so that you stay level-headed. Nothing is ever perfect, so it’s good to look at what you can improve - everything can always be improved. It’s good to work on things, and improvements are always a positive thing as well. If you get feedback from other people, it’s a better thing to see things from an outside perspective.
For the homework that we were assigned over break, I talked to my dad about anyone of my relatives that were in the military. My dad told me about how his dad was in the “military: non-combat”. It was interesting to hear my dad talking about my grandpa (his dad) in his perspective. I had always pictured my grandpa as my grandpa, not as someone who was a dad to someone else. He had a really interesting life, and it was cool to learn about his life. It was also nice to bond with my dad over someone we both knew.
I was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky. When I was 2 years old, we moved to Toledo, Ohio. My sister was born in the year 2000. We moved to Fresno when I was 6 years old. I was homeschooled here, and met my best friend Tessa. We did musicals together, and she told me about an audition for a PBS Kids Cooking show (which...

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