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New York Fiscal Crisis And The 2013 Mayoral Political Campaign

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During New York City’s 2013 Mayoral campaign, Republican candidate Joe Lhota claimed that if his democratic opponent Bill de Blasio were to be elected New York City’s history would repeat itself: in particular, that de Blasio approach to running the city would be the same as the previous Democratic mayors’ and would cause a repeat of the 1970’s and 1980’s fiscal crisis that crested under David Dinkins before republican Rudy Giuliani reversed its course. I believe that Lhota claims are wrong. The democratic were being blamed during due to the policies that were made during the same time as the fiscal crisis. But were other factors that caused the fiscal crisis including the federal devolution. Also the public sectors unions are a good thing despite the republicans were saying there are dangerous and the poor were blamed for the crisis.
The main purpose for the federal devolution was for programs had previously delivered fund directly to local governments. Later on it did not work on with some of the issue, was who the one to blame on the crisis “Several aspects of the process of creating the New Federal Order must be distinguished. One aspect is simply the contraction of federal intergovernmental aid. This trend represents the devolution by default of fiscal responsibility to states and localities. A second aspect is the formal devolution of power from Washington to subnational government, a rearrange-ment of responsibilities that for the most part has not yet greatly affected the powers and responsibilities of city governments” (Eisinger)
One of the claims that Lhota has made in contradiction of de Blasio, include that he make the same decisions that were on based on the previous. For example property, during the fiscal crisis New York City, the building was filled up with graffiti with also broken widows and conditions As well the streets were run down by drug dealers/consumers and prostitutes. Yet during the time when Koch was the mayor we brought revenue into Manhattan’s economy.
“Koch presided over a building boom in white Manhattan. Between 1982 and 1985, sixty new office towers went up south on 96th Street. Real estate values in gentrifying neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn went soaring, and the exodus of major corporations from New York was stopped. A new convention center was built, a half-dozen luxury-class hotels were financed with tax abatements, and tourism increased, injecting revenue into Manhattan economy of theaters, hotels, and restaurants.”
This could be seen that as a compliment for Bill de Blasio, one of his proposals is to get affordable housing for New York City residents.
The cause of the federal devolution was mainly distribution that power to other elites. Some of the reasons why the Fiscal Crisis era was blame on the unions and the poor. “The poor in general, and the blacks and Puerto Ricans who had migrated to the city in the 1950’s and 1960’s in particular, were blamed for blamed welfare rolls” (Moody, 49)...

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