Brand Spaces: Using Space As A Medium For The Message

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In times of overconsumption shopping is considered today to be a stressful, exhausting and time consuming situation to the postmodern consumer. In order to bring back the interest of the postmodern consumer to visit the store, retail has surrender to Internet by providing all the necessary information on the new trends in social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and main Websites that gives us the opportunity to participate in the new means of consumption by giving us voice as society became dominated by the power of digital information, also allowing us to shop online. The disadvantage of a postmodern society to brands and capitalists is that consumers can now dictate their own ...view middle of the document...

In reality society is unsure and confused in-between needs and desires -in Steve words: ‘‘more goods are for sale but we can never find exactly what we want. Each store promises us happiness, every label guarantees high quality – but we’re still dreaming of the virtuous ideal: Truth. Beauty. Value.’’ He also talks about senses in the book saying that: As generations go by it can be noticed that the quest for consumption only tends to increase. The modern consumer is surrounded by tremendous sociopolitical temptations; whether it is from the media through the means of advertisement, the genuine necessity of buying goods in order to adapt within the modern World, the pure greediness or the need to feel a sense of belonging within subcultures. In the UK there is a well-known passionate tradition of shopping culture and ‘shopkeeping’ therefore it is considered to be one of its’ main sources of the economy and social welfare. In 2011 it was recorded by the British Retail Consortium that the retail sector generated around £303 billions of retail sales which is equivalent to a fifth of UK Gross Domestic Product and as a result the retail sector plays an essential role in the regeneration of towns, cities and local communities therefore making a big impact to the flow of capital and the grow of capitalism within society and as result, overpowering socialism which has an influence to the local population’s psychosocial behaviour (disenchantment).
Brands today feel the need to bond with what costumers feel and want which represents the Product Economy of today: The Economy Experience.
In contrast with the past (early 1900’s) when feature economy simply gave an opportunity to society to have a single option, then developing to Brand Economy which led to competitors therefore society chose the products by intuition or how they felt about each brand, now we as consumers have the choice of selecting a product according to our values. In a personal point of view this is effective in a way that it can reduce the mass production of good, which affects the environment in a way that each social group had their choices established so that we could have only quality, valuable and everlasting products that suits everyone’s need and morals

This quote reflects a lot of what I think about branding spaces, senses are indeed the main road towards the core of human emotions. When a space has a instant effect on a person, it automatically gives he/she the right to judge as a costumer and decide whether he/she wants to keep in that space or not. From the sounds of the space to the smells and all the tangible goods that you can feel, a space is constituted by all of those senses and when it all connects in sync it creates something beautiful. An experience one shall not forget, therefore it will force you to return for more. The manipulation of spaces creates the stimuli to which potential buyers will connect with therefore Retails must be aware of what are they going...

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