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Mango Brand AnalysisCourse: Branding and PositioningSubmitted by:Lecturer:Date Submitted: 24 November 2014Table of Contents


Title Page


Table of Contents


Executive Summary




Study Objectives


Methodology: Analysis and Modeling


Figure 1. Keller's Brand Equity Model


Figure 2. The Kapferer Brand Identity Prism




Keller's Brand Equity Model


Kapferer Model






Points of Parity and Points of Difference Analysis


Sample Marketing Plan


Conclusions and Recommendations




Executive SummaryThis report was done to examine the branding and positioning of lifestyle and retail company Mango through different models for brand analysis.Branding and positioning of Mango was identified and analyzed with the use of Keller's Brand Equity Model and Kapferer's Identity Prism. After which, the brand's segmentation, targeted group and positioning was identified. A SWOT analysis was done in order to reinforce the information obtained from secondary research and the conducted analysis.After this was done the points of parity and points of difference was done between Mango and its two main competitors Zara and H&M. In this section, the brands similarities were identified as well as the distinction of each of these brands among each other were defined.A sample marketing plan is then presented in order to maintain Mango's brand equity among its consumers. At the end of this report, concluding statements and recommendations were done.It is recommended that further studying on unpublished documents pertaining to the brand should be done in order to further validate the findings in this study. It is also recommended that Mango will also reinforce its e-commerce presence as this will maximize the brand's reach among targeted consumers around the globe.IntroductionMango is a lifestyle and retail brand that sells both apparel and accessories for the young modern woman. First opened on 1984 at Barcelona (Fashion Gear, Year undefined), its parent company is Mango Inc. A year after opening its first shop, the company already had five outlets at the same city and began its expansion in the domestic market through opening a shop in Valencia. By 1988, it had 13 sales outlets throughout Spain and what was once a small team began expanding as the business grew. Taking its first steps outside the domestic market with the opening of two stores in Portugal back in 1992 as well as the opening of its 100th store in Spain the following year was one of the milestones of the company. Gaining a greater knowledge of the business as well as the product and store concept, the Just in Time philosophy (Fashion Gear, Year undefined) that defines its product concepts, store design, quality standards, price and brand image (Fashion Model Directory, Year Undefined) which led to brand loyalty among the Spanish market.From 1996 up to the present, values...

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