Branding Can’t Fail: Media’s Impact On Steve Jobs Work

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Imagine, for just a moment, a world without the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. It is hard to even imagine, technology is such a huge part of our daily lives. The impact of these gadgets is impossibly hard to measure. The American Dream is forever mixed into our culture and the products we purchase. Starting with founding a company in your garage to some of the world’s most sought after products; Apple Inc. is the American Dream. Everyone remembers wishing they had bought Apple Inc. stock when the company first went public and then waiting in line to purchase the latest iPhone on the market. What happened to all the years in between? When Steve Jobs took over in 1997, Apple Inc. was a struggling company going through many changes in leadership and ideas. On the verge of bankruptcy Apple Inc. needed game changing help. Jobs was about to introduce the iPod and filing bankruptcy right before introducing these new products was not an option. We may never know how close Apple Inc. was to failing. Steve Jobs grew up in an era of great counterculture the 1960’s, leaning on the familiar to make a failing company turn it around. This could have very well been the inspiration to what was to come. How did the “Think Different” ad campaign save a company and our thoughts of the American dream?
How do the people of the United States identify with the thought of the American Dream? For many people the American Dream starts from little to nothing and with years of hard work and sacrifice you are presented with something, that something is your American Dream. Dreams are meant to be different and unique to the individual and appropriate for the circumstance, in a word, fair. “Some dreams come true; some don't. Equality of outcome, though, is not the same thing as equality of opportunity, and equality of opportunity is at the heart of the American vision” (Meacham 26). Americans identify with the effort of individuals who pull themselves up, are not envious of the success or others and do not drag others down. Steve Jobs, before his death, made a remarkable save of the company Apple Inc. and allowed Americans to reflect on some of the great gifts mankind has given us. Apple Inc. “Think Different” campaign along with the brilliant black and white photographs of historic visionaries was exceptional. Iconic images of Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, John Lennon & Yoko Ono and Mahatma Gandhi, just to name a few, pushed humanity forward and they all had very individual contributions to society.
What happens when dreams don’t come true? Because, remember sometimes they don’t. When things fall apart some people will attach themselves to another person’s dream and ride a long up with them. Apple Inc. and its products are part of a counter-culture that has plenty of room for ride a longs. The “Think Different” campaign personifies counterculture with its black and white image of John Lennon & Yoko Ono, the president and first lady of counterculture. In his article Jay...

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