Branding Commodity Like Electricity Essay

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Can Electricity be Differentiated etc.Branding ElectricityYes commodities like electricity, petrol, gas, water, food grains, fruit, milk etc. can be differentiated and branded.In many countries this has already happened. As far as electricity is concerned a detailed market survey of the actual retails consumers, the mass consumers, the transmission & supply companies could reveal consumer preferences along which differentiation could be possible.Broadly one may look at the following aspects for targeting segments along these lines.1.) Retail Consumers a) Low incomeDemographic b) Middle incomec) Higher income2.) Geographic City / Rural3.) Commercial Consumers Pvt., Govt., Office, Factories, Railways,Electroplating, Aluminum ManufacturingCos., etc. Educational, Hospitals.4.) Method of Generation Hydro Electric, Atomic, Gas, Oil, Coal,Solar, Wind Power, etc.5.) Nature & Reliability of For 24 hours, on full voltage withoutSupply spikes - AC/DC Supply.6.) Green or Eco Protective In methods of manufacture, supply,Consciousness transmission use. Use of power savingGadgets.7.) Billing practices Fair, Cheap, friendly after sales, noextortionist add ons. Advance warning onhigh billing, etc.8.) Add on Services Advice as how to lower bills &consumption fixtures, gadgets, & heatinsulations provision of invertors, electricvehicle charging facilities.Sharing date base of the customers.Insurance cover for shock & fire hazards -fixed cost consumption protocols.Communication systems on the A/c wires -Education of the younger children onhazards of the environment, deforestation,global warming, etc.Reverse pricing, bonus for saving,compensation for black outs etc.The electric supply companies having mostly operated in a monopoly environment, have become almost blind to the possibility of approaching the various possible segments of the market differently.The retail consumers' needs are different from that of the commercial. Among the retail consumers there are those who needs are severely constrained by their ability to pay beyond a certain fixed amount. Much like the modern day refill system for mobiles or the older of dropping of coins in the gas supply machine, power meters could be preprogrammed for fixed monthly amounts.There maybe a need for a power supply company to manufacture intelligent reprogrammable meters for cost sensitive customers.The higher income consumers may have a need of...


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3973 words - 16 pages . Besides rural area, TNB also provide solar and wind hybrid power plant projects in remote islands as an effort to promote use of renewable energy to generate electricity [7].TNB is helping and developing talent for the national and regional power sectors through its higher education vehicle University Tenaga National, as a result of the proposal from Ministry of Education (MOE) in 1993. The MOE proposed that major corporation like TNB should start

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1430 words - 6 pages companies, and consumer, that are clinicians and patients, and they act like experts in that field. Therefore, the researchers create faithfulness to consumer, and in turn branding increase sales (12). As a mediator, researchers involve in the benefit of branding. Somehow, there is a conflict in their role between their benefit and the ethical norm of medical research. Fishman may be right when she implied that the ethical norm of medical research

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1222 words - 5 pages were a bit strange, Nikola's contributions to science outweigh his peculiar notions. In the late 1800s, electricity was still a relatively new commodity. People still didn't know that much about it. Usable electricity was generated and transported by a system known as direct current, or DC. DC was inefficient, and it required massive wires to transport the electricity. Also, electricity transported using DC lost power over distances, so a


5095 words - 20 pages fact. They are differentiating their power, branding it, and marketing it, even if it means higher prices. For example, Green Mountain Energy (GME) targets consumers who are not only concerned with the environment but are also willing to support their attitudes with dollars. Offering electricity made from cleaner sources such as water, wind, and natural gas, GME positions itself as "the nation's leading brand of cleaner energy." By providing

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2555 words - 10 pages Energy is used uselessly when an electronic device is plugged in. This energy that is used is called the phantom load, or standby power. Excessive human activity such as aimless use of electricity like this, as well as unabashed use of other natural resources and various products that deplete the ozone layer is affecting the earth, and ruining the environment. A few simple steps involving the learning theory that can be used to help stop this a

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10612 words - 42 pages revenue for a firm (ex. Commissions/leverage), hedge against different financial risks and provide a new means for increasing investment return. This paper will provide an analysis of seven new financial instruments. They are as follows; electricity futures, hedge funds, commodity funds, inflation-indexed securities, retirement c.d., guaranteed investment contracts (GICs) and dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPS). This analysis will touch on the

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1463 words - 6 pages (railroad systems and telegraphs) to the buildout of IT technology, stating that when everyone recognizes the benefits of such generic applications, huge investments would enable IT technology buildout "to proceed with extreme speed" (Carr 2003) and thus enable it to be widely accessible. Due to this phenomenon, like electricity and transport systems (deemed as infrastructure technology), IT is being considered a commodity in every business and a cost of

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1180 words - 5 pages regions are the wealthiest in China. The result has been a huge migration pattern from rural to urban. A pattern not dissimilar to that seen in Brazil. However, like Brazil, the wealth within these regions is not shared equally. Many migrants fail to achieve a higher standard of living, due to the huge demand, and short supply of housing, water and electricity. The huge demand for jobs in TNCs means that large multi

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2484 words - 10 pages networks make sure viewers do not miss brand integration by imbedding advertisements into television programming. While it seems like a great idea, the effectiveness of branded entertainment is in question. For this reason I propose that as technology advances brand placement will increase in usage and significance and for this reason it is important to think critically about branded entertainment and how it can be a successful medium for

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