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Branding & Consumer Buying Behaviour Essay

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Running Head: BRANDING & CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOURInfluence of Branding on Consumer Buying Behaviour[Name of the writer][Name of the institution}Table of ContentsChapter I: Introduction 4Introduction 4Research Objectives 6Purpose Of The Study 7Consumer Support for Imporved Working Conditions 8Hypothesis 10CHAPTER II: LITERATURE REVIEW 11Anti-dandruff Labeling Campaigns and Consumer Behavior 11A Case Study 21Introduction 22Method 24Results 25Discussion 31CHAPTER III: METHODOLOGY 34Sample and Procedure 34Questionnaire 35CHAPTER IV: DATA ANALYSIS AND RESULTS 39Respondent Profile 39Identification of Hair wash Brand Users 40Relative Utility of Product Characteristics 41Prediction of Future Hair wash Shampoo Purchases 42The Hedonic Framework 44Psychographic and Demographic Characteristics of Brand Users versus Nonusers 49CHAPTER V: DISCUSSION 53CHAPTER VI: CONCLUSIONS 60ENDNOTES 65REFERENCES 67APPENDIX 77Influence of Branding on Consumer Buying BehaviourChapter I: IntroductionIntroductionThe haircare industry is in a state of flux, characterized by change being the rule rather than the exception. A relatively stable environment has been replaced by constant threats of branding, mergers, reorganizations, and liquidations. The only thing certain is that the industry will never be the same.During the last several years, the British economy developed a trickle-down effect which altered the perceptions of the consumer, and consequently the shampoo retailer and wholesaler, about using shampoo in terms of priorities, needs, and desires. The unsettled times of the 90s changed the buying habits of the British consumer, who has become more aware of style and pricing considerations.The demand for using shampoo has been affected by considerations, including the following:Downsizing and the prospects of downsizing have diminished the disposable income consumers are willing to allocate to shampoo purchases.Corporate U.K.'s increasing trend to relaxed hair care standards in the workplace.Consumer behavior patterns have, in turn, significantly altered the way in which both the shampoo retailer and the wholesaler conduct their business strategies.Until recently, it did not appear that shampoo retailers were aware of these consumer behavior shifts. They continued to conduct business as usual and ultimately found themselves in a precarious position. Higher than anticipated investments in inventory caused them to alter their merchandising strategies and offer more frequent and earlier promotional sales. This created lower gross consumer margins causing a severe decline in the financial viability of the consumer shampoo environment. The result was a need for shampoo retailers to consolidate, merge, or reorganize in order to survive. To lessen the impact, shampoo retailers prevailed upon the wholesale community to share in their problems by offering price concessions (markdowns). Reliance by shampoo retailers on the wholesale community for financial assistance continued...


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7636 words - 31 pages 520 © 2009 Palgrave Macmillan 1350-23IX Brand Management Vol. 16, 8, 520-531 Mihalis Kavaratzis Urban and Regional Studies Institute, University of Groningen, P.O. BOX 800, Groningen 9700 AV, The Netherlands Tel: + 31 50 363 8289 E-mail: in this debate and the suggestions for the implementation of branding campaigns within cities are often countered by crit- ical voices. This paper examines

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2401 words - 10 pages perception."LaPiere, Fishbein and Ajzen, and Fazio all confirm that attitudes precedes behaviour illustrating the need for marketers to measure consumer attitudes towards products as it necessary for them to know that in order to predict future buying behaviour.However, this is not the end of the debate. To complicate matters another group of people believe that behaviour precedes attitude, and that it is necessary for marketers to measure this

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1633 words - 7 pages the music business in particular. If you have a specific sound, logo, set of colors, slogan or even a specific look that can be associated with you or your band or company, you have a brand. Having a strong brand can very well influence the buying decision of the consumer. It creates an emotional attachment or a kind of trust on your products (albums, records, tracks etc.), that helps your specific “market” or consumers to, on a somewhat

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