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Branding: How Important Can A Symbol Really Be?

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When you walk down the street, you are bombarded with signs, storefront displays, and billboards showing off their newest products and sporting their new logos or brands. Using a logo or a symbol to identify them with the everyday consumer, so that when they see that symbol or “brand,” they know exactly who made the product. The brand, in essence is the personality and the identity of a company, artist, or studio. Take for example, the logo of an apple. Everyone knows that “Apple” products are made by none other than the famous Macintosh. Therefore, they know that whatever the product is, it is going to be something related to computer, or audio media. Anywhere you go, you will find an Apple store. People know its symbol, logo or rather its brand, because they have done such an incredible job of marketing their brand and selling it to consumers. In the American Marketing Association’s definition of a brand, a brand is a "Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” And a brand can take many forms in our society. More often than not, the consumer recognizes the “brand,” more than anything else. By selling the brand, the consumers know the band, so to speak.
There are many benefits to having a strong brand in any business facet, but the music business in particular. If you have a specific sound, logo, set of colors, slogan or even a specific look that can be associated with you or your band or company, you have a brand. Having a strong brand can very well influence the buying decision of the consumer. It creates an emotional attachment or a kind of trust on your products (albums, records, tracks etc.), that helps your specific “market” or consumers to, on a somewhat emotional level, to be attached to the brand. I.e. if the consumer recognizes your brand, whether it is your symbol, name etc., and they have an emotional attachment to you or your work, they are more likely to continue to purchase or support your products for the pure and simple fact that they like or enjoy previous work. Or even on occasion, because you, your studio, or your brand is popular amongst their peers. Another reason that a strong brand is important is that, when you have a strong brand, that is popular and well known, you can sell the brand or your products from that brand at a higher premium. This brings in more profit and consequently, in a roundabout way, more popularity.
With the absence of a solidly founded and promoted brand, there are doors that remain closed. When you have a brand, you can expand and reach for higher goals. That is why good marketing skills come in handy whilst trying to promote something. Having a good brand, in a way, helps to what could be considered as “roping-off” consumers that are attached to your market from your competition. By targeting specific groups with your brand, whatever form it might be in, you are creating a metaphorical barrier...

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