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Brand ManagementAlways Branding Always LyonDiscover Lyon, a city of education!!Back home in my university in México City When I had to choose one university to experience my international exchange, back home in my university in México City, I looked trough many countries and also many cities. I choose France because is a country that has a lot of culture, traditions, a completely different lifestyle. Another important reason of choosing France is because of learning another language. Not only in México but also around the world to get a job is really hard, so now you need more weapons to succeed in your professional live.Then, when I choose France I had a lot of cities I looked like Paris, Rouen, Lille, Dijon and Lyon. I looked trough all the websites pages and realized that the perfect city where I can learn a lot and experience my international exchange. This experience is very important to me because you can change a lot and learn many things in a completely country with very different costumes, traditions, lifestyle, and language.So I discover that this city was great, it is a city of excellent education, and also a city for students. There are a lot of foreign students that also want to experience this new adventure.Lyon is, after Paris, the second largest university town in France. There are 4 universities (Lyon 1, Lyon 2, Lyon 3, Catholic University) and the prestigious elite academies: Ecoles Normales Supérieures (ENS Lyon and ENS Arts and Social Sciences), Ecole Centrale School of Engineering (ECL), National Institute of Applied Science (INSA), School of Advanced Studies in Chemistry, Physics and Electronics (ESCPE), Textile and Chemicals Institute (ITECH), EM Lyon (Management), National School of Veterinary Science, National School of Advanced Studies in Information Science and Librarianship (ENSSIB), and others.With over 110,000 students - 11% of them from abroad - and 6500 postgraduate degrees per year, Lyon is a leading light in French higher education.In Lyon are 3 main universities in this center are: Claude Bernard University Lyon 1, this university focuses on health and science studies and has approximately 27,000 students; the second one is the Lumière University Lyon 2, which focuses upon social sciences and has about 30,000 students; and finally we have the university Jean Moulin Lyon 3, which focuses upon the humanities and law with about 2,000 students.Lyon is an excellent option if you just want to experience new culture, traditions, lifestyle etc.Lyon and its region offer a lifestyle few can match. You can take the advantage of its rich history, arts and cultural events. Your everyday life in Lyon would just be great, it offers a lot of options for eating, drinking, shopping for food, bus, metro, postal service, telecommunications etc. Lyon's cultural...

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