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Branding The Obsession Essay

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It would not have surprised me if Luis Conley had named this book after the CNN show, “American Greed”. Through the course of reading Obsessive Branding Disorder, I have seen many illustrations and stories that made me think that branding was used as a cover up for branding owners rapacious desire for wealth. For instance, when the movie Chronicles of Narnia hit the scene, Disney utilized religion by offering pastors a chance to win a trip to Europe or $1,000 for mentioning the movie title from the pulpit. Likewise, an online casino offers a woman $15,100 for naming her child after the company, These are just two examples in this book in which money hogs (branding owners) utilizes branding as a means for their greed. Conley uses these extreme examples to further his point that even though consumers haven’t warmed to the majority of brand’s efforts, there are still some mainstream examples of branded entertainment that is finding its niche with audiences. I clearly agree with Conley that such extremes are sobering indications that ad creep and product placement have so polluted our cultural landscape that they have warped fundamental social and cultural institutions. For this reason, I feel that the Disney strategy to utilize pastors in the pulpit to advertise is an example of a branding obsession. On the other hand, the casino offering money to a woman to name her child is just an idiotic and senseless act. Though Conley berates the extremes of branding, he fails to know at which point branding is no longer considered branding, but rather some foolish cognitive elapse by money hogs.
Conley reveals branding as the all-in-one ideology that encompasses everything from advertising, positioning, marketing, supply chains, partnerships, taste, smell and sound. It reaches consumers in massive quantities from various passageways. Conley put fear in my heart that there will be a future where everything we touch feel, see, taste and smell will be branded in some way. Conley’s ideology of this branding obsession mirrors the movie, “The Truman Show”. From birth Truman lived in a big studio with hidden cameras everywhere and all his family, friends, and people around him are actors who play their roles in this world wide popular TV-series. Truman thinks that he is an ordinary man...

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