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Brands R Us Essay

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The Story “Brands R Us” talks about how commercials and advertising can corrupt people into doing something or even purchasing items. Commercials relay such a glamorous When children twelve years or younger and a commercial that catches their eyes, they are a little more vulnerable and naïve to what is in front of them. In the United States children are estimated to watch over 4 hours of television a day. Children’s minds are not fully developed yet and lack the mental ability to know what is right and what is wrong. So, they can be easily manipulated into a product they no little or nothing about. With that being said commercial or advertisements geared toward children should be banned, ...view middle of the document...

Toys are another problem that affects young adults in today’s society. Toy ads are everywhere from magazines, newspapers, billboards, social media, and on TV. Christmas is a time is a special occasion where you are supposed to enjoy time with the family laugh and have a merry time. But sadly, it is now consumed with making sure you got all the coolest and latest toys. Toy R Us is known for around Christmas time to have the “Big Toy Book” with hundreds of pages filled with children’s toy dreams all at a single glance. These generations of kids are more obsessed with having the latest thing and become dissatisfied with what they currently have and want something better. When Christmas time came around for me in 1998 the latest toy everyone wanted was a Furby and this toy was a bird like creature that you could talk to and interact with and even at times very creepy. Furbys sold over 40 million units in the late 90’s . Now for Christmas the latest toys are a Princess Sofia talking vanity, Doc Mcstuffins get better center, The Uggys (an ugly dog puppet with snot all over its face.) Another issue is the fact when toy advertisements are on TV they show happy, children playing around friends and having a good time and if some children are a little shy or may not have many friends want to acquire the toy...

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