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Braveheart: The Life Of William Wallace – In Reality And Fiction

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1. Preface

2. Summary
The young William Wallace witness the murder of his father and his older brother. They are killed by some English men during the shooting wars between England and Scotland. His uncle, Argyle, takes care of him and they move to Rome together, where William is educated. When he returns, he doesn’t care about the Scottish liberation war. He falls in love with his childhood friend Murron MacClannough. Later on, they marry in secret, so Murron isn’t forced to share the bed with the king. But the English Officer converts them and Murron get killed. As a form of Revenge Wallace slays an English garrison. Some of the soldiers at Lenark are repatriated to England.
From now on Wallace leads the revolution against the British King Edward “Longshanks” I. He gathers his own clan and evermore volunteers to fight against the British garrison in the proximity. Eventually, they are forced to strive against the English. Wallace announces this war to the war for independence committee. Once more he asks the clans and every volunteer to go to war. Especially the Scottish aristocrats refuse to fight.
When William defeats the English with the Scottish Army, he is created Guardian of Scotland and got permission to call himself “Sir William Wallace”. Even when they give him his aristocratic title, the Scottish aristocrats decline to ally themselves with Wallace, so they could beat England. In anger and desperation Wallace captures York to proof them wrong. The town major, which is Edward’s nephew, is beheaded. The noggin is sent to Longshanks himself. He is apoplectic with rage. Affect based, he tosses the friend of his son out of the window. This is the first time, when his son tries to kill him.
As a new deep-laid scheme, Longshanks dispatches his daughter-in-law for York. The King anticipates that Wallace would not kill a woman without any causes. His plan works, unless Isabella falls in love with the insurgent. Longshanks cover is blown by his own daughter-in-law. Wallace flees.
In that case Robert the Bruce, the real heir of the Scottish throne, gives his word to William to encounter the Englishmen. But his father wants him to get the throne, so he joins forces with Edward along with a few nobles of Scotland. During the Battle of Falkirk they change sides. The traitor pities Wallace and helps him to flee. Wallace fights on. Later Isabella admit her love to Wallace and shares his bed.
The Scottish aristocrats turn Wallace in for a head bound, in which he was to be executed. Isabella, who is impregnated by him, tries to talk to Edward. Nevertheless Wallace is accused of high treason and found guilty. On the rack he refuses to ask for mercy, which would shorten his time to death. Before his beheading, he screams “Freedom!” (Gibson) instead of honour King Edward I, therefore leading to his beheading.
Robert the Bruce shall get the Scottish heir, but he would be an English minion. He alters the plan and combat again against...

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