Bravery In The Face Of Danger

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A hero is someone who shows bravery in the face of danger. Odysseus, from Homer’s “The Odyssey” is one of those epic heroes. Odysseus shows all the qualities of a Hero. He is swift, cunning, and intelligent. But the trait that Odysseus expresses the most is his bravery. During his journey, Odysseus faces many dangerous events. In these events, Odysseus must be brave not only for his men but also to overcome the situation and stay alive. One of these dangerous situations involves coming face to face with Polyphemus.
Polyphemus is an enormous Cyclops who lives on an island in a cave. Once he reaches the island of the Cyclops, Odysseus takes 12 of his best fighters into the cave to get some supplies for the journey back home. Inside the cave when Polyphemus returns he is hungry and immediately snatches up two of Odysseus’s men for a meal. Odysseus, however doesn’t panic. He doesn’t let his men ...view middle of the document...

He found some materials nearby and began making the spear with a club. Once he was done making it, he hid it in the cavern and waited patiently for the Cyclops to come back. When he does, Polyphemus snatches up two more men and Odysseus offers him wine to “wash down the scraps of men”. The Cyclops seizes the bowl of wine, drains it and asks for 2 more. Soon Polyphemus is drunk and falls into a deep sleep. Now came the time for Odysseus and his men to stab the Cyclops in his eye. He cheered his men and gave them battle talk. He told them to be courageous so they can escape. And with that, Odysseus and 4 of his men picked up the spear and rammed it deep into the Cyclops’s eye.
The Cyclops bellowed in anger, now all that was left was to figure a way out of the cave. For a while Odysseus thought about possible ways to get out. Finally an idea came to him. The Cyclops’s rams were a good way to escape. Not by riding on top but by being tied to the ram’s bellies. It would take great courage and bravery to do it but it seemed to be the only way out. So he tied himself and his men to the ram’s bellies and waited till the morning for Polyphemus to remove the huge rock out of the way and let out his rams out. Finally the morning came and Polyphemus stroked each of the rams back as they were on their way out but not even once did he realize that Odysseus and his men were escaping him. Once they were out they helped untie each other. Atlas, they were free. They had finally gotten out of the cave thanks to their brave and courageous leader Odysseus.
In conclusion Odysseus is one brave and courageous hero. Without him, his men probably would have lost hope or given up on escaping from the cave. It was Odysseus who thought of the plan to get out. Odysseus, who gave his men the battle talk and told them not to quit now. Odysseus also showed his bravery when he thought of using the Cyclops’s rams to get out. He knew it would be dangerous and they might get caught but he was willing to risk it just to escape. With his bravery and cunning skills, Odysseus helped his men escape the vicious Cyclops, Polyphemus.

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