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Brazil As A Rising Power Essay

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Brazil, as of today, is considered to be among the top ten countries in terms of economy, and the future predicts that will even grow more. Many aspects have contributed to Brazil’s rapid growth such as its government, investors, major oil discoveries and its hosting the 2014 FIFA and the 2016 Olympic which will strength Brazil’s image in the international arena and will economically benefit the state. Brazil economy keeps growing dramatically on a very high pace and its future seems promising.
Brazil has some key individuals who contribute to the economic growth as investors and developers. One of them is President Lula. Around 1998, Brazil experienced a major economic crisis. When Lula came to power, he assigned orthodox figures for key economic policy positions, a thing that created much support: foreign bankers Upgraded Brazil's credit ranking, it received a primary budget surplus in the first two years, and by the third year Brazil was able to pay off its full debt. During this time Brazil made significant export earnings and, in addition, became the second largest soybean exporter in the world. Ethanol production also expanded dramatically. Lula's government created a “family grant” -small funds for low- income families who promised to send their children to school and to regular health checkups. This grants program was very popular for the Brazilians.
Another example is Eike Batista. Batista is the CEO of EBX group and is the man behind the big oil discovery of Brazil. Batista was interviewed by Charlie Rose on February- 2010, after the recent major oil discovery. In the interview Batista said that he wants to help his country, Brazil, and that he is serving it now by developing macro world class infrastructure. He also said that it is estimated that “by 2015 Brazil should be the fifth largest economy in the world”. This oil reserves will surely help boost Brazil’s economy to new levels.
Brazil has abundant natural resources and it sure knows how to make profit out of it. As mentioned above, recently Brazil has discovered a huge oil reserves within its territory, which affects its future economic structure dramatically. China, as a major oil consumer, will probably look to further extend the economic ties with Brazil in order to sustain its economic growth. The China- Brazil trading rate is likely to grow, and this growth will benefit both China and Brazil tremendously. The recent discoveries have the potential to place Brazil among the top oil producers in the world thus increasing its profit. Brazil has a relatively stable political system, which will enable proper and controlled growth in the near future. Brazil has also a great interest in areas such as nuclear technology, which will place them in a higher status among the international community, in terms of pride and prestige. Up to this day Brazil was heavily supported by its agriculture structure, as it is a leading force in Latin America as an exporter in this field. Not...

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