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For many in the Western world, Brazil is a place of constant wonder and fascination. This immense country contains beautiful coastlines, a large portion of the Amazon rainforest, and one of the world’s most racially diverse and colorful populations. To an outsider this country might seem overwhelming to absorb and comprehend. In Brazil On the Rise, the author Larry Rohter spends 40 years attempting to do just this, presenting his findings in a way that gives the reader a in depth look into this country’s vast historical, political and economical development, and cultural side. Rohter takes the reader on a tour of Brazil at lightening speed, which although at times a bit exhausting, leaves ...view middle of the document...

Religion also plays a part in this society, especially in relation to gender roles, although this seems to be decreasing with time. Those of “Afro-descendants” in Brazil face high amounts of discrimination, even today, although this is something that the government tends to sweep under the rug. Rohter then goes on to describe the famous beaches of Brazil and Carnival, the 5-day festival in which those who partake loose all inhibitions. Brazilian music, art, and literature are described in a listing off of artists and attributed to a “cultural cannibalism” reversal from the Westernized world.
Brazil on the Rise then delves into the economic side, referring to Brazil as an “Industrial Giant, Agricultural Super-power.” Having turned from debtor to loaner for the IMF fund, an industrial boom has allowed Brazil to jump into hyper-drive with the help of soybeans, coffee, sugarcane, and a great industrial boom that includes an expansive automotive industry. The abundance of natural resources such as petroleum, ethanol, and hydropower have given Brazil the ability to thrive, although there are still controversial political battles occurring on how these resources should be attained and distributed. One main point of the controversy is the Amazon, where deforestation and human abuses threaten its coming termination including that of its’ indigenous people.
The last two chapters describe Brazil’s current political state both on a national and international level. In 2009 Brazil was awarded the 2016 summer Olympics under former President Lula da Silva. Relations with the United States have heavily increased in the past century, which has had positives and negatives for both sides. Brazil...

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