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Brazil Sports An Important Part Of Brazilian Culture

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Brazil is located on the eastern part of South America has the fifth largest population of about 200 million people (Stambulova & Ryba, 2013, p. 64). It’s the only Portuguese speaking country in Latin America and the Roman Catholic Church is the national religion followed. The country’s Life expectancy is about 69 ; with the culture being influenced by Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Japan and Arab immigrants; allowing the country to have a diverse cultural history. Brazil has a very successful economy as well as stability in there government (Stambulova & Ryba, 2013, p. 64). Over the years the country has done very well in the winter and summer Olympics leading to them hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. European Football (soccer) is the face of sports in Brazil and everyone in the country unifies around it. Due to their structure of teaching, opportunities for someone to become a coach or into sports management has a number of requirements which is determined through the government (Stambulova & Ryba, 2013, p. 64).
Brazil’s economy has been very successful over the years with continuous growth each year and a GDP of about $12,100, making it 106th in the world; with a life expectancy of 69. It has he seventh largest economy in the world and is expected to rise to fifth within the next several years ("Brazil: Economy", 2011). The country focuses on economic growth and poverty through: sound fiscal management, inflation control, investing, exporting and a floating exchange rate. Over the years due to its increase in product exports, economic growth, and social reforms, millions within the country are out of poverty, thousands of jobs have been created, as well as continuous low unemployment and strong domestic demand ("Brazil: Economy", 2011) . Inflation in Brazil is expected to fall as well as interest rates, which has caused the attraction of foreign currency to drive up the value of the Brazilian currency (the real) by 30% since 2009 ("Brazil: Economy", 2011). Brazil is an active participant with foreign direct investing (FDI) in Latin America and with its top foreign investor being the United States. The countries in FDI invests in: off-shore oil, nuclear power, athletic competitions such as the 2016 Rio Olympics, its roads, airports, sports facilities; which are all the ways it looks to stimulate growth and economic/social reform. Besides Brazils investments, the economy is very successful through its industries (Textiles, shoes, chemicals, cement, lumber, and iron ore), its agriculture (coffee, soybeans, wheat, rice, seafood and beef), and its exports (transport equipment, iron ore, soybeans, footwear, coffee) ("Brazil-Facts", 2013). The trade policy the country follows focuses on exporting as a main component of its plan grow and reduce international financial market fluctuations (Costa, E. F., 2002, p. 63). The government hopes to increase its exports through foreign market trade negotiations, export promotion, and tax...

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