Brazil: The County Of The Future

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Brazil, the largest country on the continent of South America, has historically been seen as the underdog socially, politically, and especially economically. Referred to as “the country of the future… and always will be” by many Brazilians and those who know the country best, the country has not always been a beacon of hope for Latin America as it is today (Weyland, pg 64). Brazil has many unique qualities when compared to many of its Latin American counterparts. While much of Latin America has wrestled with its Spanish colonial past, Brazil has been much more diplomatic and tolerant of its Portuguese colonial past. With such a vast amount of natural resources and territory, Brazil has had the advantage of being relatively self-sufficient when it needed to, but also being able to develop into one of the busiest and prosperous trading nations in Latin America. With frequent political transitions throughout its 500 year history, and experiencing periods of oppression and totalitarianism, Brazil has managed to overcome and move past the scars of its dictatorial past. This is in part due to its fortunate avoidance of ruthless and violent dictators in the style of Pinochet in Chile, Peron in Argentina, Castro in Cuba, and Fujimori in Peru, just to name a few. In this research paper, I will briefly describe an overview of Brazil’s present political circumstances while also touching on a few key factors that have aided its development, in addition to in-depth analyses of the country’s history through three main phases. I will also make philosophical connections to explain and put into proper perspective the events that have shaped Brazil into the country it is today.
A major aspect of Brazilian socioeconomic and political development, and one that will be reoccurring throughout this research paper, is the progression and sustainability of democratic institutions in Brazil. Democracy has proven to be the missing link between Brazil and economic prosperity, along with political stability. Democratic institutions are comprised of free and fair elections, a working constitution, competent and representative legislative bodies, among other features (Linz, pg. 51). These are all needed in order to foster the voice of the people, promote political stability, and advance the civil rights cause for all Brazilians. Throughout Brazil’s history, it has struggled to attain any of these accomplishments until democracy became a way of life within the last 30 years. By touching on the most important phases of Brazilian history, it will portray the growth and maturity of Brazil’s political system, and explain why Brazil’s democracy has facilitated its sudden resurgence onto the world stage.
The history of Brazil is one of complication, corruption, monarchies, government coups, and occasional successes. Regardless of the consequences, every event in this country’s history has proven to be a learning experience, for Brazil has managed to deal with their circumstances in...

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