Brb #Yoloswag Lol: Are These Little Abbreviations Affecting English And It's Users?

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These days, smart-phones and cellphones have dominated most of our lives. If you look at someone after school or work, you'll see at least one person on their phone, whether it's checking their email, calling a friend or killing some time with Angry Birds. However, you might see someone jabbing at their phone, with their index finger, or both thumbs, and most people know what that the action they're doing is probably what is known as texting. However some people don't appreciate the function of this "texting". They don't dislike texting itself, they just hate the language some texters use. This language includes phrases like "LOL", which means laugh out loud, and "YOLO", which means "you ...view middle of the document...

In contrast to Humphrys, who used words and beliefs to persuade the reader, Crystal uses statistics and facts to support his claims, and essentially throws some of Humphrys claims out the window, and makes it very hard to disagree. Crystals article has showed me that he is the right one, due to the fact he uses actual evidence and logic to support his claims, making him, in my opinion the better article. From reading Crystal's article, it is crystal clear that texting is not destroying our language, or affecting the future of the English language nor negatively affecting the younger generations ability to write, just just an example of language evolving.

While some people, mostly overprotective parents believe that texting is negatively affecting the younger generations ability to write. Being only a pre-teen, I didn't put much though into it, but after reading Crystal's article, I believe that texting is not negatively affecting the younger generations ability to write, but on the contrary, improves it. However Humphrys, being the literary conservative he is, and is the one opposing texting, he is siding with the overprotective moms and saying, texting is impairing the younger generations ability to write. To proves he sides with them on line 27 of his article, it states that "The danger-for young people especially-is that they will come to dominate." From the text from before and after the quoted passage, I believe he thinks that the younger generation is negatively affected by the texting language. He says on line 96, "But as it has developed its users have sought out increasingly obscure ways of expressing themselves which, when you think about, entirely defeats the purpose.". Examples of this are "IMHO U R GR8" on line 111 of his article, which means "In my humble opinion you are great.". As ludicrous as it sounds, it is a real abbreviation. However, being an avid texter, who uses some of the text language when texting my friends, I have never came across the abbreviation IMHO, so I'm assuming it is not a commonly used abbreviation. It seems to me that Humphrys is exaggerating the texting language, making him, in my humble opinion( or IMHO) slightly unreliable. Right after thoroughly reading Humphrys article, I read Crystals article "2b or not 2b", and it literally blew me away. On line 2, of Crystals article, he states that "On the contrary, it improves children's writing and spelling". Is Crystal basically saying that texting improves your writing and spelling? This literally destroys Humphrys claim, that the younger generation will be negatively affected by texting...if it's true. To prove this on line 237-245 of his article, he writes about a study from a team at Coventry University, which have found "positive links between the use of the text language and the skills underlying the success in standard English in pre-teenage children.". This is cold hard evidence that the texting language is helping the younger generation in...

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