Break Of Dawn And Khian Sea

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The Mobro 4000 was a barge that moved one set of trash from New York to Belize and then back to New York until they found a solution for disposal of the garbage. The Mobro was licensed to Lowell Harrelson, whom was an entrepreneur, and mob boss Salvatore Avellino. The Mobro shipped on March 22,1987, led by a tugboat called the Break of Dawn, carrying approximately 3000 tons of garbage. It moved towards Morehead City in North Carolina to be converted into methane. On April 1, 1987, North Carolina officials investigated the ship, which then was a cause for the Mobro to leave to another place. It went to Mexico but the Mexican navy refused to let it enter their territory of sea or water. It went and reached Belize but was rejected through out the whole journey thus returned to New York. When it arrived if faced intense problems that prevented it from docking in New York. Finally the trash was incinerated, and buried in Islip, where it originated
As a country becomes more involved in industrial movements, it results in creating more waste than usual and sometimes it runs out of space to store or dispose of the waste. This is what happened with the Khian Sea Ship. The Khian Sea was a 466-foot garbage barge owned by Joseph Paolino and Sons.
It all started in September 1986 when the garbage barge sailed from Philadelphia, after it failed trading it with close states to take it for money, with almost 15,000 tons of incinerated ash. The Khian Sea left, heading for an island in the Bahamas in the possession of a company called the Amalgamated Shipping Company, which agreed to store the garbage. However, as the barge was heading for the islands, the Bahamian government knew about the deal and rejected letting the barge to dock. After being let down, the barge had high difficulties in trying to unload the ash in several countries such as Bermuda, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and the Netherlands Antilles since all of the countries doubted the ash to have high levels of toxins. However, in 1987 the barge was able to trick the Haitian government and dumped 4,000 tons of the ash, saying that it was fertilizer.
The barge kept roaming around the...

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