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Cash management involves controlling the cash flow (cash receipts in and cash payments out) of a firm to minimize nonearning cash balances (Block-Hirt, 2004). According to A Handbook of Management Techniques (2008 ) the purpose of managing cash is to ensure that there is enough cash and working capital for fluctuating needs without tying up funds needed elsewhere or relying too heavily on short-term financing.Cash management requires continuous monitoring and must involve immediate and responsive decision making by managers. Managers must also know when to supplement cash flow through short-term financing. In order manage the cash, managers must know the various techniques of cash flow, and managers should also know the various methods of short-term financing available. This paper will present an overview, through a comparison contrast format of these management tools to allow the financial manager to be well-versed in the most effective ways to manage the cash of a firm and to determine the most efficient ways to obtain additional cash as needed.Cash Management Techniques:Financial managers are expected to maximize profit for a firm through effective cash management strategies which will ensure that a firm is able to continue its day to day operations to satisfy both short-term debt and upcoming operational expenses. Some of the cash management techniques available to managers are: float, improving collections, extending disbursements, conducting a cost-benefit analysis, using electronic funds transfer, international cash management, marketable securities, management of accounts receivable, and inventory management. Each of these techniques will be briefly described in this overview.Float occurs when there are delays in mailing, processing and clearing checks in the banking system which cause a difference in what is shown on the books in comparison to the true bank balance. Float was a strategy used more in the past, before the advancement of electronic banking through technology and before legislative action was taken to allow faster processing. However, float still occurs and is the reason why some financial statements might show a negative cash balance on the books.Improving collections is a strategy for expediting the cash in for a firm. This can be done through the use of a lockbox system which allows all checks to be processed through a central processing location which processes the transaction and makes the funds available to the firm immediately. The main disadvantage to this method is cost.Extending disbursements refers to the delaying of cash out, such as when a firm will not make a payment until after it is due, which allows the firm to hold its cash for as long as possible. A firm must be careful not to incur late fees if they extend the payments too long.A cost-benefit analysis must be conducted before implementing one of the above mentioned methods, as they can be quite costly. If a firm has to pay more to manage the lockbox...

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