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Overview Of Lung Cancer Essay

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Lung cancer is considered to be the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. There are approximately about 180,000 cases that are diagnosed in America, considering that 90% dies thru lung cancer alone. Despite of its number, it is the most preventable of all the cancers. Like every cancer it spreads out fast if not taken seriously, this due the abnormal growth of cells. The abnormal cell growth often leads to the formation of tumor. This cancer is very common and very deadly. The following common symptoms of lung cancer may include excessive coughing, chest pain, shortness in breath, hoarse voice, swelling on the face and neck, unexplained loss of appetite and tiredness. It may be hard to determine, if a person has a lung cancer. The person needs to be aware of his body and see a doctor as soon as possible. The used of x-ray is commonly used for most patients, providing a visual if any tumor exist. Otherwise, the used of CT and MRI scan is used as well, providing better visual on certain patients.
According to American Cancer Society, statistic shows over 228,190 new cases of lung cancer are reported yearly, that’s 57% men and 43% women of the pie. The number shows lung cancer is likely happen to men. Also the estimated reported death is 159,480, mostly 54% men and only 46% women. The concern on lung cancer contributes 27% of the cancer death in United States. The contribution of lung cancer plays a big pie on many deaths in American. Also, most of the patients are men. The chance that a man will develop lung cancer in his lifetime is about 1 in 13; for a woman, the risk is about 1 in 16. These numbers include both smokers and non-smokers. For smokers the risk is much higher, while for non-smokers the risk is lower. (According to American Cancer Society, n.d) The number continues to increase yearly due to patients hazardous surrounding such as factories, smokers, radon gas and asbestos.
Most lung cancers start in the epithelial lining of the bronchi, and occasionally in the trachea, bronchioles, or alveoli. All forms of lung cancer, being derived from epithelial cells, are carcinomas. (Panno, 2005) The spread of lung cancer takes time but could spread fast if not alerted, this depends on the patient’s immune system. The decay can lead to more harmful situation; it can spread quickly to the bone and brain. The lung is close to the heart where it could potential affect the blood flow. This affects the person ability to exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen during breathing process.
The treatment for lung cancer may involve chemotherapy therapy, radiation therapy, and surgical removal of the cancer as the last resort. Sometime patient has to go thru a combination of the treatments due to its location and severity. Deciding the best medication that works well depends on the person’s situation and other health issues. The surgical process usually performed at its earliest stage. This works well on slow-growing cancer and the chances of...

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