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Overview Of Tajikistan And Its Fight Against Poverty

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Research Paper- Tajikistan
Tajikistan has been known to be “one of the poorest republics of the Soviet Union.” (J Falkingham) “Before independence, the per capita income in Tajikistan was one of the lowest among the soviet republics and also the percentage of poverty living in poverty was one of the highest.” (The World Bank)
Poverty in Tajikistan is nothing new. “Tajikistan has been highly recognized as one of the poorest republics in the Soviet Union.” (J Falkingham) “In Tajikistan in 1989, right before the “transition”, 51 percent of the population had a per capita monthly income below seventy-five rubles compared to 33 percent like it was in Kyrgyzstan, 16 percent in Kazakhstan, and 5 percent in Russia.” (J Falkingham) “After independence happened, Tajikistan descended into civil war in 1992-1993 and then after that there was a long period of civil unrest.” (J Falkingham) “During that time as well the interruption of traditional trading partnerships with the break-up of the Soviet Union and also the withdrawal of subsides in Moscow resulted in a major economic decline. Tajikistan now ranks at one of the poorest countries in the world and has an estimated per capita GDP of only $215.” (J Falkingham) “Besides its criminal importance, no comprehensive and nationally view of poverty has been available, but there are some useful and informative studies made by various NGOS1.” (J Falkingham)
Experts can prove that Tajikistan is the poorest country of the fifteen Republic during the Soviet era, and they also stated that Tajikistan had the roughest transition after independence. “According to the Economic magazine, Tajikistan GDP per capita placed it as the poorest non-African country in the world in 2001.” Poverty affects rural people who are landless and who can barely get a little subsistence on small household plots.
The economy in Tajikistan is no very high compared to other countries in the former Soviet Union. Economy growth although did stay in good shape staying at 7.4 percent in 2013 which was mostly made up of by remittances. It is expected to decrease down to 6.0 percent and 5.8 percent in the next upcoming years because of decrease in the products of aluminum and cotton. Most of the people living in poverty work in the aluminum and cotton industry which does not pay that much as well.
The religion that most Central Asia follows is Islam, which in this case Tajikistan follows the Islam religion as well. The Muslims are divided into various religious branches such as Sunnism and Shiism. Most of Tajikistan, although follows the Sunnism branch of religion.
“Tajiks are one of the most ancient people in this entire world archeologists have dated some of the settlements in the territory of what is today’s Tajikistan back up to the end of the upper Paleolithic period, which is about fifteen to twenty thousand years ago.” (Central Asia Cultures) “The Tajiks have kept many of their ancient traditions and customs from their ancestors...

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