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Breaking Away Essay

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Imagine being taught and told to live your life a certain way; until, you find out there is a different better way to live. Many people either, rich or poor, black or white, Christian or Atheist, will break free from the way they were raised and the beliefs they believe. For many people who have a rough upbringing it is tough to break away from the way they were raised. There are many things that could either help or hinder a person’s ability to rise above a difficult family upbringing such as education, parental income, choices, and drive.
In the movie Homeless to Harvard, Liz Murray, is raised by parents who cannot even take care of themselves. As a child Liz, lives in a trashed ...view middle of the document...

Without websites like these many people would miss their opportunities on good education.
Parental income affects people either positively or negatively. A parent who makes enough money to support their family is more likely to raise a child who does well in school and be well behaved. This is not always the case, but it happens more often then not. Janice D’Arcy a journalist for the Washington Post reports in her article “Does a Parents Education and Income Affect How a Child’s Brain Develops?” that, “the hippocampal region, which is important in learning and memory function, had a larger volume for subjects who were raised by parent with higher incomes,” (D’Arcy). The reason for this is because a parent with a higher education and more money can invest more into their child’s success. The reason Jeannette and her siblings from The Glass Castle were successful is because their parents were educated and were very knowledgable, they just couldn’t apply themselves.
Throughout life everyone is faced with decisions and choices. One wrong choice could decide a person’s future, either good or bad. Jeannette Walls Throughout Jeannette’s life she was faced with many choices. She could of shot Billy Deel when he came to her house shooting at her family with his BB gun. Many times in the book Jeannette could have ran away. One wrong choice like drugs or alcohol Jeannette could of ended up just like her parents. Jeannette points out in The Glass Castle, “that maybe sometimes people get the lives they want,” (Walls 256). At the end of the book Jeannette realizes that her parents live by choice. She...

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