'breaking Down Growth' (Hypotonics) Essay

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- -'Science Project Final Paper'Title:'Breaking Down Growth' (reserve the right to change)Topic:Biology (hypotonics)Purpose:To see whether added chemicals (nutrients) help to speed up seedgermination.Hypothesis:I feel that there are/should be certain things that could be added toan 'unknown' plant to stimulate its growth.I will be trying to add different amounts and kinds of fertilizers toseveral different temperatures. If this experiment is successful, than weshould be able to tell which fertilizers/ nutrients/ stimulants to add to plantsto speed up growth.Materials:The materials that I will be using (at least most of them) are listedbelow. As you will see I have decided to use different types of plants/ seeds.- 5 beans (kidney, pinto, etc.)- at least 1-1 pint jar- distilled water- refrigerator- several liquid plant fertilizers (5-10-15)- 1- gallon plastic milk/ water jug- any kind of felt marking pen masking tape- paper towels- 2+ straight sided drinking glasses- 2+ sheets of black construction paper- stapler(The materials listed are for the experiment itself. I reserve the right to addother materials as needed as I go along, which will be noted.)Control/ Variable:-The controlled experiment shall be 1 or several plants grown withoutfertilizer/ stimulation.- The variable in this experiment shall be the many plants grown withfertilizer/ stimulation.Sources Used So Far:- A+ Book of Biology for Science Fairs- Microsoft Encarta 'CD' Encyclopedia- Microsoft Bookshelf 'CD' Encyclopedia- World Book 1994 Edition- World Wide Web (Internet)--------(magazine articles, notations, etc.)Design:The design of my setup will be basically many plants. What I will bedoing is waiting for half of the plants I grow to be about 1 inch high. Then tohalf of those I will add a stimulant and let...

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