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The Color Purple is an award winning movie from Steven Spielburg based off of the classic novel from Alice Walker. The movie follows the story of Celie, a young black girl. Celie is raped by her father many times when she is young and is impregnated with a few of his children. After her sister’s hand is asked for in marriage, her father refuses because of Nettie’s age, but agrees to allow Celie to marry the man. Celie moves into the house of Mr… and helps raise his children and care for them, all while being physically and sexually abused by her new husband. Nettie comes to stay with them for a while but is soon thrown out because she refuses to sleep with Mr…. Celie and Mr… then meet the woman their son plans to marry. They are both appalled by her and she continues to show up in their lives for years after. Celie then meets Shug, the woman that Mr… has been in love with for forever, and Celie becomes just a house wife. Eventually Celie finds the courage to leave Mr… and finds herself falling in love with Shug. The movie ends as Celie and Nettie are reunited, with families of their own. Three of the best scenes in the movie The Color Purple, by Steven Spielburg, are when Shug sings to Celie, when Shug leaves, and when Sophia is reunited with her family for Christmas.
The first scene in Color, by Spielburg, that is really fantastic is when Shug sings to Celie. Mr… and his son throw a part and invite everyone around to join them to listen to Ms. Shug sing. Shug entertains all of the boys of course, but then towards the end, she pulls out a surprise song. This song is written about and for Celie. During this scene, Shug not only helps Celie by allowing her to feel as though someone is there for her, but she also manages to defy Mr… in doing so. This is the first time that Celie really feels love from someone other than her sister. After the song is over, some fights break out and Shug and Celie escape to her dressing room. They talk about all sorts of things, such as love and sex. Celie is able to confide in Shug and gets reassurance that she is a good person who is worth people’s time. During this talk Shug gives even more confidence to Celie and they begin to create a bond that is never really broken.
Another amazing scene is when Shug leaves in Color, by Spielburg. As Shug is getting into her carriage, she is talking to Mr… about different things and they kiss as she climbs into the carriage. Celie then comes running up to the carriage and just stares at Shug. Shug of course urges her to speak what is on her mind, but Celie is constantly looking back and forth between Mr… and Shug, nervous about the outcome. Finally she utters out that she is...

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