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Breaking The Barriers Essay

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Life is like a game of chess: intricate yet intriguing. One has to take risks in order to reap the benefits, or play it safe and expect mediocre results. In Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, Walker delineates an inspirational tale of a woman’s growth and her path to find independence. As Celie struggles to attain happiness, she recognizes that the only way to discover it is to break out of her shell. Through self-motivation and the help of her close friends, Celie transforms from a timid woman to one with self-confidence and a voice.
From a young age, Celie has faced many bitter battles. Her household did not consist of a loving family instead she had a mother who was dead and a derogatory and as her father figure. Pa was the one to steal her innocence at the pure age of fourteen and began this cycle of abuse. So Celie was the subject of abusive and debasement, and to survive, she realizes that she has to be silent and submissive. When Pa gives her away, she could not even protest because she was so accustomed to going along with whatever he said.
Then when Celie moves in to live with Mr.___, life does not get any better, instead it became worse. Albert’s state of mind is harsh and bleak, and he treats Celie as if she is not even human. At a point, he mentions that “Wife is like children” (Walker 36), which precisely depicts his mentality towards women. This is showing that he makes women seem like they do not know any better, such as children do not. Celie expresses her fear by stating, “…Celie, you a tree. That’s how I know trees fear men…” (Walker 23). As a piece of wood, Celie does not have her own voice and so she cannot fully express herself. This devoids her from all emotions, and allows the hurtful things to happen to her. It is evident when Harpo questions Celie about her stubbornness, and her reply is “Just born that way, I reckon” (Walker 23). Celie is so used to all the harsh remarks towards her that she just learns to accept it.
As time progressed, Celie finally meets someone who will change her life dramatically. Shug Avery is the one who opens Celie’s eyes to explore different things and help her see them in a different lens. For instance when Celie was discussing her sex life with Albert to Shug, she “...make it sound like he going to the toilet on [her]...” (Walker 78). This illustrates that Celie is not comfortable around men, and she does not feel pleasure when getting intimate with Albert. Celie does not even call Albert by his first name, instead Mr.___. By doing so, this accentuates the uneasiness that Celie feels around him and men in general just from the fact that she is not even comfortable with calling him by his name. Then Shug explains to Celie that she is still a virgin, which allegorizes that sex is not only physical, but emotional as well.
In addition to sexuality, Shug will...

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