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Breaking The Chains Essay

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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” This simple 12 word sentence by Gandhi, speaks volumes about how we must go about our daily lives. If we desire change, whether big or small, our actions, ranging from smiling at a stranger in the morning to going to a third world country to help fight Malaria, help to create change in our world. For Zach Hunter, his action was taking a stand against slavery in other countries around the world and his own country, U.S.A. Zach Hunter, like many others like, find his motivation realizing the injustices a group of people are facing and seek to change the circumstances that affect them. Zach ultimately found his motivation after realizing ...view middle of the document...

After learning about all of this Zach felt obligated to be the change needed in the world and, to help change these people’s lives. What started Zach on his journey was when he learn the staggering facts and how he felt about them: “Zach started praying, studying and researching about slavery around the world. ’When I discovered there are more slaves today than during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, I couldn't believe it,’ he says. ‘My heart hurt for these 27 million kids and adults’” (Freeman).After learning about these staggering facts he set off on his quest to abolish slavery and help the people that are currently slaves. He worked for this by, becoming “the global student spokesperson for The Amazing Change, an anti-slavery campaign”(Freeman), writing a book called, Be the Change: Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the World in Other Ways, and by launching “a campaign he called "Loose Change to Loosen Chains" (LC2LC)”(Freeman). In the past year and a half, Zach has used several media outlets aid in spreading what is happening in countries around the world and help fight for abolishment of slavery worldwide. The media he uses is as diverse as the problem he faces. Some examples are, taking his “passionate message to conferences and music festivals across the country, speaking to more than half a million people. His campaign has also received major media...

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