Breaking The Chains Of Monotony Essay

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Breaking the chains of monotony*Apathy. Disinterest. Indifference. These words sum up what has been happening in the college for years now. The students are apparently in limbo or somewhere between the monotony of studying and other personal afflictions.Known as the intellectual hub of the country, the University of the Philippines is held in awe and respect by most. For one given that such prestige as "intellectual and critical" students, it is dismaying that what exists now is far from such a noble impression. Taking a closer look inside our bucolic college, one can observe that where students once debated on national issues at the MPB, in its place are superficial discussions. We remain chained to these ideas and fail to relate this to the sociopolitical issues we are facing today. Where one used to see a group of students raising their fists in mass mobilizations on pressing national and local issues, now, only an handful are willing to make their voices heard. Where once deafening shouts of students condemning the fascist government can be heard, now, there is only ominous silence.The students are immersed in academic pursuits almost to a point where everything is mechanical, monotonous. Learning is confined in the four walls of the classroom. We are trapped in the tedium of academic flurry. We begin to function as machines. Everything becomes routine - wake up, go to school, listen-take down notes-listen again-go home-eat-study-sleep. And the endless process continues.Apparently, this generation of UP students is averse to anything that would supposedly "jeopardize" their personal interests and academic aspirations. For a and symposia offered for free by the college and sponsoring organizations are mostly greeted with disinterest, oftentimes attending the said event only if it is required by our instructors.When asked as regards pressing campus issues,...

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