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Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty Caused By Lack Of Education

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"Society has been trying to reduce poverty for over 500 years" (Indigenous) and has never succeeded. The education and skill level, health or handicap status, and discrimination play a vital role in poverty. So why does society keep trying the same approaches: give them money or give them jobs? Neither one ever worked. A major factor determining whether someone will end up living in poverty, education or skill level can make or break an income. Education plays a vital role in acquiring jobs, learning new skills, and bringing home necessities and comforts of life. A person who does not receive an education has a very small chance of making much money and acquiring skills that would bring home a desirable income. Many who do not have an education bring their family into a cycle of poverty, where their children do not necessarily have the income to go to college or even do not have a desire to acquire a high school diploma. "Poverty has been with us since the dawn of time." (Castillo, Kathy) Poverty shows in our society as being poor as a result of lack of money, none or few material possessions, insufficient nutrition, decent housing and most of the things people think are necessary for an acceptable and comfortable life.
In the time of recent efforts to reduce poverty, it has been noted that many have been surviving on their ancestors riches and their desire to improve this position; however, this has done very little to improve the dilemma of those who are living in poverty. Also, the well-to-do did not try helping the poor. Many of them fell on hard times and ended up in the "poor" category.
What did humans do about it in their beginnings? Somewhere in the history of humanity, some decided to help the poor. The first attempts are considered to be where God provided for the poor in the Old Testament times such as in the story of Ruth and Boaz. Boaz allowed the widows of the community to glean in his field. Some believe it started somewhere in the Middle Ages. Dependent on who one listens to, one may consider a different start time. Perhaps it all started in England, under Edward III, with the Statute of Laborers, enacted in 1349 or with the work ethic in 1571 with Martin Luther. Regardless we have had organized attempts to rid ourselves to poverty for many years, and, we have been at it a very long way to go.
More recent causes not necessarily related to money already in hand have been categorized as follows: inadequate education or skills, poor motivation to work and other negative attitudes or skills, inability to form stable families, proliferation of low-wage, low-skilled jobs, poor schools and inadequate investment in training and skill formation, lack of access to higher education, residential segregation, discrimination in labor, credit, and housing markets. Of these listed, two deal with discrimination (7 and 8), two with jobs (2 and 4) and four with education (1, 2, 5, and 6), and one with families (3).
"Society has been...

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