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Breaking The Horizons Essay

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Art is a form of expression, which typically takes visual form; such as, painting or sculpture. Usually depicted to convey a specific message or theme such as beauty or emotional power, art is multi-faceted. Yee I-Lann uses art as a highlighter to expound upon issues that affect and help characterize her ideals on a personal level and to display social-political frustrations. Yee I-Lann was born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia in 1971 to a New Zealander mother and a Sino-Kadazan Malaysian father, who was a Press Secretary and wrote speeches for various prime ministers. Her exposure to politics at such a young age implanted a seed within her mind that later triggered her artistic display of her political opinion. Yee I-Lann stems from a mixed heritage, which primarily is the root of all of her artistic work and is the beginning of her identity exploration.
As a result of her privileged family background, I-Lann attended art school at the University of South Australia and major in the mixed discipline of photography and cinematography. In school, she perfected her unique method of art making. She began by doing photography in dark painting rooms. These rooms were used to develop cinematography and develop photos using the dark room process. As a result of this schooling, Yee I-Lann is a multi-disciplinary female who has explored numerous forms of art throughout her life including: painting, sewn objects, and embroidery, but her primary medium is photography. The mixed discipline is what allowed I-Lann to be exposed to such contemporary practices as digital manipulation. I-Lann not only embarks in photography but she also partakes in the technological advances of this art form as well. Yee I-Lann is renowned for her narrative-style artwork. I-Lann’s method of painting involves the use of a digital tablet called the Wacom Intuos 3 board. The tablet allows her to draw on the tablet’s surface and cut pieces of other photos to create the desired image, like in Matching Patterns. Photographic advancements allows her to stitch together disparate pictorial elements to create a new image which conveys multiple perspectives while displaying a beautiful overall depiction I-Lann’s inspiration for her work comes from her other interests in life such as: reading newspaper articles, watching television, and engaging in conversations with people about their opinions on political issues. Each of these mediums was used as a way to employ elements of visual text from things that she reads, memories that she acquired through experiences, landscape, personal and social histories, and emotional and political affiliations. She creates scenarios that celebrate and comment on her complex heritage and her homeland, like in the work entitled Anak Negeri. The political and cultural perceptive are very subtle and well interwoven into images that appeal to the imagination while still maintaining its underlying powerful message. I-Lann is very well traveled. She has traveled...

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