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Breaking The Knot Essay

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OjedaThere is no doubt divorce rates in the United States is a substantial amount. Statistics show that more than half of marriages end in divorce. According to, the marriage rate in the U.S is 6.8 per 1,000 of the total population. Of the 6.8, 3.6 of the marriages end in divorce. Surely this is a bad quandary the country has. So what does cause all the failed attempts of wedlock? The quote almost everyone's heard, "love yourself before you can love another," takes a huge part in learning to trust in a marriage. Without it, one is always left to think the significant other is looking for something, or someone better. However, in cases of young adults, infatuation mistaken for love will always be a part of a divorce. Taking a step back though and seeing the merger of two people and their life, most people would probably agree that the number one reason marriage does not work is the lack of communication.For a successful marriage, one must learn to be in good terms with themselves. How could a person elope in the bonding of two people in order to have a happy life, if they're not even happy with themselves? Jealousy is the main effect there is to this. When there is jealousy in a relationship, it almost always leads to suspicion and suspicion leads to questioning. So what's the result of the equation? Loss of trust. Losing the trust in a marriage - or any relationship - is one of the worst situations a marriage can be in. Sooner or later one person of the two gets frustrated and tired of having to deal with false accusations. The bottom line, everything spirals down from there, with not much left to do in trying to save two people from the tyranny of a broken marriage.Often young couples, some older too but mostly young, meet the love of their lives and have to tie the knot A.S.A.P.....

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