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Is there ever an appropriate time to break the law? With the proper cause, then yes, the law should be broken. Certain unjust laws should be challenged and broken. If a law is unjust and wrong, it is our right as human beings is to stand up for what is right and rebel against such law. If there weren’t people in history who rebelled and fought for what they believed in, the world would have stayed the same as it was when it first began. Whether it is characters or historical people, the world has been changed and shaped by those who challenged the laws that are wrong and unjust.
Antigone was a rebel because she broke a law for the honor of her family. She knew the consequences to her actions and she did it anyway. She knew that the law preventing her from giving her brother a proper burial was wrong and this caused her to break this unjust law. She wanted Ismene to scream from the rooftops about her burying her brother because she knew what she was doing was the right action to be made. Antigone was brave in her bold act and took her chances with how it would turn out for her. Although she did end up dying, she inspired her people to fight unjustness and she died a hero. She stood up to Creon and gave her brother a burial to honor her family. While her reasoning for doing such an act was based on family honor, her act was still right and in her belief, allowed her brother to go to the underworld properly and live happily in the afterlife.
A person very similar to Antigone and also broke an unjust law is Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus when the bus driver told her to leave the colored section of the bus for white people to have her seat because the white section was too crowded. She had worked all day and was tired of giving in to this law, causing her refusal to move. She was then arrested for her resistance and charged with...

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