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Breakthroughs Essay

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In areas of knowledge such as the arts and the sciences, do we learn more from work that follows or that breaks with accepted conventions?In the earlier centuries, society has had many "breakthroughs". At one point, these "breakthroughs" went against previously accepted conventions; however now hold a place as accepted principles. In the area of arts and science we are able to make continuous "breakthroughs", therefore enhancing our knowledge. These conventions are the blocks on which the foundation of our knowledge in the arts and science is built upon. Without a foundation, nothing can be developed or built; thus we learn more from work that follows accepted conventions.Knowledge is the basic accepted convention that is necessary for any field of subject. If we do not have general knowledge of what we know as of now, we may repeat the same "lessons" that we already have solved today. The reason for knowledge is so we can expand on it by looking at what humans already have developed. The convention we use to acquire knowledge allow us to expand on our foundation of knowledge by taking lessons learned from these accepted conventions practiced by life learners before us. Looking at science for example, it has developed and will continue to develop in the years to come. The development for technologies is a race to enhance new gadgets and improve on what we have already. Accepted conventions have advanced such as gigantic computers in the earlier centuries to laptops, natural resources to medicine, and letters to emails. This can be looked upon by two areas of knowledge such as science and art.Looking at the science perspective, technologies and medicine have greatly spread its principles. The expansion of knowledge throughout the periods of time has increased to a point where science is everlasting. There is no limit for anything that can be done; today research in airports is being conducted to prevent terrorist attacks. In order to improve on technologies and to prevent attacks, research is being done where computer systems will be scanning the entire body of a human instead of using metal detectors. It can be seen technology is increasing based on using what has already been created. If it were not for metal detector systems, it would be unlikely to come with the idea itself. Breakthroughs only come from accepted conventions just as breakthroughs in this argument are just considered to be branches of the accepted principle itself.Looking in the perspective of Art, it is hard to determine of what art really is in the first place. Nature, technologies, and life are all designs of art. From the shape of an Ipod down to a human's fingerprint are all forms of art. In the form of art, it is irrelevant to have a breakthrough, as it may only be something the human eye has not seen. There are many things that humans have not been able to see such as beyond the universe. From such a macroscopic view down to a microscopic view, it can be seen that art is...

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