Breast Cancer Affects Women And Men

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Breast cancer occurs in women, men can be diagnosis with breast cancer too because men have breast tissue that can develop into breast cancer.
Even though exercising and eating healthier are preventions, breast cancer affects both men and women because men are diagnosed with breast cancer and women should get annual mammograms. Why are men at risk for breast cancer? Men have breast duct cells that can form breast cancer. Men breast duct cells are not as developed as women, therefore men are not at high risk for getting breast cancer. Men have lower hormone levels which decreases their risk of developing breast cancer. Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts in the breast and spread to other areas of the body. Men are at higher risk for breast cancer as they get older. Normally, between the ages 60 to 70 years old, men are detected for breast cancer whereas women are detected earlier in life. Sometimes it is harder to feel a lump in men breast because men have smaller amounts of breast tissue than a woman which makes it difficult to catch the cancer
Breast cancer affects both women and men
diagnosed early. If caught early, the survival rate for men is 100 percent within the 5 years of survival. For stage 1 and 2, the 5 year survival rate is 96 percent and 84 percent. When the breast cancer reaches stage 3, there is a 52 percent rate of survival and 24 percent in stage4. (2009, Breast Cancer Statistics). A family history of breast cancer, inhering harmful gene mutations, radiation exposure to the chest and abnormal enlargement of the breast are risk factors that affect men. The American Cancer Society estimated in 2013, about 2,240 new cases of breast cancer in men would be diagnosed and that breast cancer would cause approximately 410 deaths in men (in comparison, almost 40,000 women die of breast cancer each year). Retrieved from American Cancer Society, 2013
There is not a certain age that women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Women chances for breast cancer increases as they get older. Although there are risk factors for women, most women have no risk factors and can still develop breast cancer. Age, personal history of breast cancer, a family history, inheriting certain harmful gene mutations and body being over weight are risk factors in women. A woman decreases their chances of developing breast cancer by eating healthier and exercising. Breast cancer is the most common cancer that a woman may have to face in their lifetime other that skin cancer. 2006. American cancer society. It is recommended that every woman have a mammogram by age 40. Early detection is the best prevention for breast cancer for women. Women should have annual mammograms which are an x-ray exam and clinical breast exam by her physician to check for lumps or any abnormalities. Breast cancer can be treated when it is found early. The chances for survival are lesser when the cancer gets invasive. Women should do self breast check exams daily. Being familiar...

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